Alkaline Trio – Discover Their Dark Side

Alkaline Trio’s story dates back to 1997, when a bike messenger in Chicago named Matt Skiba packed in his drums and started playing the guitar, deciding to look for the perfect blend of musical lyrics and sound. He joined together with two friends from the messenger service, and together Matt Skiba (guitarist), Glenn Porter (drummer), and Rob Doran (bass) became Alkaline Trio.

Dan Andriano replaced Doran Alkaline Trio just prior to the release of “For Your Lungs Only.” He brought a second voice and an interesting style of songwriting to the group that helped create the signature sound of the band.

The band made “Maybe I’ll Catch Fire” and “Goddamnit” with indie Asian Man Records and they were done back to back in 1998 and 1999. Skiba was known to say that there was definitely a reason that the band plays the kind of music that they do, as they offer kids a little darker slice of punk rock.

There is definitely a dark side to the band that appeals to many types of people. The band has two completely different but absolutely complimentary voices that make the band what it is. The dynamic duo is none other than the guitarist and singer Skiba, with his triumphant raspy voice, and bassist and singer Andriano, with his sweet crooning voice.

Combined together they completely wreck their audiences with their bittersweet songs about drinking and drugs, loss and love, Satan and God, pain and joy. All of this comes from three young guys, about as many chords, and a healthy supply of beer, cigarettes, and heartbreak.

The album “Good Mourning” did so well on the charts that it got the band a TV spot on late-night television, as well as several summer tours. In 2005 they came out with “Crimson,” which just added to their streak. They continued to tour triokids over the summer both as the headliner and as the warm-up band for My Chemical Romance. By the fall, the band found a new home at V2 Records and soon began to work on their next record. In January 2007 Vagrant released the CD/DVD “Remains,” which rounded up flip sides and rarities.

The band has grown by leaps and bounds and notched many more hit songs over the years. They have a faithful set of followers with more jumping on the bad wagon each day. With the dark twist to their music and their sorrowful overtones, one can’t help but to be memorized by their unique sound.

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