Medical Equipment Found in an Air Ambulance

The role played by any air ambulance is not different from what happens within the hospital walls. As a matter of fact, more needs to be done within the aircraft. To be able to save a person’s life, the medical team needs to have enough medical equipment in the plane. These are used in saving the life of a person and keeping him stable until he gets to a hospital.

The most important and must have equipment is the first aid kit. The kit enables the paramedics and the nurses to administer first aid care. Today, due to the improvement of technology, you will notice that all air ambulances have new high-tech craftlabs equipment. This helps the team to know before hand what ails the patient so that by the time they get to the doctors, they will be ready to brief them. A lab monitor is one type of equipment. The monitor helps in examining lab tests like the breathing patterns, the respiratory system and the heart rhythm. Such equipment helps give confidence and resolution to the patient that they will survive the ordeal.

Other medical equipment located in an air ambulance include IVAC, PDA, laptop, printer, triage meter, transport ventilator, suction unit, CCT and a monitor. In more specialized ambulances, you will find an ultrasound scanner, blood gas analyzer and a defibrillator. Transfer bags are also available but only used for young kids as well as ICU incubators. The paramedics are allowed to carry drugs and fluids that they can administer to patients. However, there are regulations on how much stock they have to carry per flight. The air crafts serve like a mini hospital where all services are available. One needs to have no worries about getting into any of these crafts. Their state of art equipment and highly trained personnel are always there to take care of the patient.

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