Three Things That the Senior Golfer Needs to Consider

I was sitting around the other day, contemplating the way that 2009 had gone with some friends of mine. Well, the golf course was closed (flooded!), so we had nothing better to do.

We got to talking about JUST how close Tom Watson got to winning The Open Championship at Turnberry. In fact, come to that, how close did Greg Norman come to winning the year before?

So, the theme of our chat turned to what was happening in the world of senior golf – and we started to chip in with comments on what we wish we’d known before we turned 50. This was good for me – because I don’t turn 50 until 2015… but it did get me to thinking about why my friends thought I already was 50! But that’s a different story for a different day, I guess!

Between us, we came up with three things that we figured every senior golfer needs to think about… and here they are:

1. Most senior golfers aren’t as supple as they used to be
2. Most senior golfers can’t swing as hard and fast as they used to be
3. Most senior golfers FINALLY have more time to play, away from the distractions of family and work

But we didn’t stop there, we started to talk about what we can do about these things that we wished we’d known before we turned 50 (or that we now DID know in my case!) wisegolfers After a while we realised that this was useful intel… so I’m going to share it with you here.

Okay, point #1 – most senior golfers aren’t as supple as they used to be. Great, but what can we dod about it? Well, how about doing what most of the great Pro Senior Golfers do… work on it. Think about Gary Player – how fit is he, at 65 plus? Exactly! Now, I know he started young… in fact he was probably amongst the first to advocate good health, exercise and nutrition – but wow, has it ever worked out for him! So, check out some of the great diet and fitness programs out there.

Point #2 – most senior golfers can’t swing as hard and afst as they used to. This is actually great news! The thing is, you don’t have to… in fact for most of us, swinging a little slower would give us more control over our shots! So, why not take an extra club, swing slow, and concentrate on accuracy, not just blasting the ball out of sight. Or, accept that you’re not getting any younger (nobody is… not even Tiger Woods!), and take a look at some of the senior fit clubs and shafts out there. How about a senior flex shaft, or moving to a 12 degree driver instead of that 9 degree that you’re struggling with?

Finally, point #3 – most senior golfers FINALLY have more time to play. Hey, is this good news or what? So, use the time wisely… go and play a few holes in the evening, or a few in the morning. Find time to warm up properly before your game (that’s point #1 again!), or to practice your short game and putting before you play (kind of helping with any loss of distance in point #2, and REALLY helping to cut your score!)

So there you have it… three things every senior golfer needs to know, or at least think about, and an idea of how your senior years really can be the best years of your golfing life!

Remember – 50 is the new 30… if you look after yourself and use your wise head!

A seasoned golf observer, Steve Radcliffe writes for The Senior Golfer … providing the latest news, information, videos, tips and advice for golfers aged 50+. He is also co-author of Simple Golf Made Easy with PGA Teaching Pro Brian Hall of Simple Easy Golf

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