Two All-Natural Supplements Used to Combat Stress & Fleas

Loud noises such as thunderstorms or any other noises similar to it that happen unexpectedly rattle the ears of the dogs and scare them out of their wits. This is all the more true in the case of puppies. The puppy’s ears are much sharper than the adult dog’s ears and puppies are used to hear sounds of high decibels.

In order to avoid dealing with a panic-stricken and nervous puppy some of the pet owners administer tranquilizers prior to an impending thunderstorm as a final solution. However this action is an extreme step and is not desirable. Nowadays a new alternative is available in the market for dogs that get anxious by such sudden incidents – this is an over the counter supplement which is safe and drug-free. This is known as melatonin. Natural Supplement Ingredient Manufacturer

It might be possible that you are already aware of the existence of melatonin because it is being used by many people. It is a hormone that occurs naturally and is secreted from the pineal gland, a tiny endocrine gland, located at the brain base.

The body’s circadian rhythm is a daily rhythmic activity cycle, based on 24-hour intervals, which instructs the mammals the time of sleeping, waking up etc. and it is possible to control and maintain this rhythm by using Melatonin. This hormone is given to human beings to help in their sleeping whereas this is administered in dogs to assuage their fear of sudden loud noises such as thunder. Certain dog owners administer this natural drug to relieve any stress that the dog has.

It has been found that 75% of the canines taking Melatonin supplement have shown positive results. The effectiveness of this supplement is very high on some canines when it is given just before the onset of the storm. In the case of some other canines the effectiveness is high if it is given at the time when they show symptoms of fear and anxiety.

Normally Melatonin remains active in the body for a maximum period of 8 hours; however it should not be given to dogs that are pregnant. You must discuss with your vet for the safe dosage to be given to your pets.

Natural Plant Oils To Get Rid Of Fleas

One of the problems dogs encounter is infestation of fleas that are its’ worst enemies; this can be cured by using Natural Plant Oils that is a all-natural product. Dog owners interested in solving the flea problem using natural means get benefited by this.

This method of treatment is popularly known as aromatherapy. In this method different natural plant oils are mixed to treat the dog for fleas thereby avoiding strong chemicals that were being used earlier for flea control.

The extraction of these oils from natural plants is carried out by a special process of distillation known as steam distillation. The resultant mix of oils is rubbed on the dog’s body and it has been found effective for treating and avoiding fleas.

Most of these products manufactured from natural plant oils have essential oils such as lemongrass, lavender and peppermint and these ingredients soothe your pet’s coat and skin. They are also useful in mosquito repulsion.

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