Hamid Mir as Pakistani journalist,

Hamid Mir (Urdu: حامد مير‎) (brought into the world 23 July 1966)[2] is a Pakistani writer, reporter and a writer. Conceived in Lahore to an editorial family, Mir at first functioned as a writer with Pakistani papers. Afterward, through the assistance of a few political figures, in particular PML-N picked up prominence. He at present has the political syndicated program Capital Talk on Geo News. He composes segments for Urdu just as English papers, both public and worldwide.

Mir talked with Osama canister Laden after the September 11 assaults. During his vocation, Mir additionally met different world pioneers, for example, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, Colin Powell, Nelson Mandela and Shimon Peres. He has additionally talked with big names, for example, Shah Rukh Khan.[3]

He was granted with the common honor Hilal-I-Imtiaz for this work from Pakistan.[4] In 2016, he was granted Free Press Award in the “Strongest Journalist Award” category.[5][6] In 2017, he was granted the lifetime accomplishment grant by previous Prime Minister Zafarullah Khan Jamali for his work as a news anchor.[7][8]

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Individual life


His granddad was Mir Abdul Aziz from Sialkot. Mir’s dad, Waris Mir, was likewise a feature writer for Daily Jang.[9]

Amir Mir and Imran Mir. Mir’s significant other worked with Pakistan TV and for a private TV station for a long time. The couple has two youngsters. His two kids and spouse spent at some point outside of the nation in view of security issues.[10]

Editorial profession

Hamid Mir directing his show, Capital Talk, on Geo

Mir talking with al-Qaeda pioneer Osama container Laden in 1997.

Mir with the previous Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair.

Mir joined the Daily Jang (Lahore) in 1987 and worked there as sub-supervisor, columnist, highlight essayist and version in control. In 1990, Mir was snatched, beaten and headed to a house where his captors requested to know his hotspot for the basic story he composed when then President Ghulam Ishaq Khan was wanting to excuse the Bhutto government.[3] In 1994, he broke the submarines buy embarrassment. Some dear companions of Asif Zardari (spouse of then Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto) were engaged with that outrage, alongside some Navy authorities. Mir lost his employment from every day Jang the day his article was published.[11]

In 1996, Mir turned into the editorial manager of the Daily Pakistan in Islamabad, making him the most youthful proofreader of any public Urdu paper throughout the entire existence of Pakistani news coverage. He lost his employment again in 1997, when he composed an article in the Daily Pakistan about the supposed debasement of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.[11] Also on 25 December 1997, he dispatched Daily Ausaf (Islamabad) as establishing supervisor.

Mir was the principal Pakistani columnist to talk with Osama canister Laden. He initially talked with Bin Laden for the Daily Pakistan in March 1997, in a cavern of Tora Bora mountains in eastern Afghanistan. Mir talked with Bin Laden for the second an ideal opportunity for Ausaf in May 1998, in a fort close to the Kandahar International Airport. Mir was the first and the last writer to talk with Bin Laden after the September 11 assaults. He talked with Bin Laden for the third an ideal opportunity for Dawn and Ausaf on 8 November 2001, at an undisclosed area close to Kabul.[12][13][14][15]

Mir went to eastern Afghanistan, where he researched the getaway of Osama receptacle Laden from Tora Bora mountains in December 2001.[16] Mir visited the caverns of canister Laden, during the American bombarding. Mir additionally affirmed that it was U.S.- upheld Northern Alliance pioneer Hazrat Ali who gave safe section to receptacle Laden in the wake of getting a tremendous bribe.[17]

He is likewise composing a memoir of Osama container Laden, just as a week by week section in Daily Jang.[18]

In 2002, Mir joined GEO TV where he start facilitating a political television show Capital Talk. His fame expanded as Geo got one of the well known TV direct in Pakistan where Pakistani lawmakers, both from the decision and resistances parties seemed to banter on recent developments and dubious topics.[3][19]

Mir likewise met different world pioneers, for example, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Nelson Mandela, L K Advani and Shimon Peres. Mir has additionally talked with VIPs, for example, Shah Rukh Khan.[3][20]

Mir was captured by Hezbollah in Beirut during Israel-Lebanon battle in July 2006 while attempting to cover the locations of Israeli planes bombarding on Beirut, yet was later liberated after Hezbollah was guaranteed that he was not an Israeli covert operative, only couple of moments of his got away from the spot was besieged by Israeli powers making him scarcely escape the scenario.[21]

On 16 March 2007, during live inclusion of the attorneys’ dissent against the suspension of the Chief Justice of Supreme Court Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Mir was assaulted by police at his Islamabad office.[22] Later, at that point President, Pervez Musharraf apologized to Mir in his show following not many hours of the attack.[23] Mir was restricted by PEMRA in November 2007 for a very long time to show up on TV. Mir went ahead streets after the boycott and coordinated road shows. The Washington Post distributed an article on his show on the roads.[24] He was again prohibited by the public authority of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in June 2008 for a couple of days on Geo News.[25] His did analytical narrative on the death of previous head administrator Benazir Bhutto circulated on Geo TV on 23 December 2008.[26]

He shows up on CNN, BBC and Indian channels as an examiner on issues identified with Pakistan.[27] Mir asserted in a meeting with autonomous online news source Canada Free Press that al-Qaeda had gained three alleged ‘bag nukes’ from Russia, and had effectively carried them to Europe. Mir charges these weapons have been in the ownership of al-Qaeda since some time before the September 11 assaults, and that they were initially planned to be focused against London, Paris and California. Mir likewise guarantees that al-Qaeda has 23 sleeper specialists inside the United States (less the 19 who passed on doing the 9/11 assaults) and that these psychological militants as of now have enough radioactive material for six ‘messy bombs’.[28]

In May 2010, a sound tape[29] of a discussion among Mir and Usman Punjabi who was supposedly the second in charge of Hakimullah Mehsud surfaced. In the tape they talked about then-abducted Khalid Khawaja with Mir encouraging that he be additionally examined by his Taliban-connected captors. Khawaja was slaughtered in April 2010 by his captors. Rashed Rahman, proofreader of the English-language Daily Times paper said “If this tape ends up being authentic, it proposes a columnist prompted the homicide of a kidnapee. A line must be drawn somewhere.”.[30] Mir has kept the legitimacy from getting the tape. Later on Usman Punjabi was executed by Taliban.[31] According to Der Spiegel Mir is well known writer in Pakistan.[32] In 2015, Washington Post called Mir as “Pakistan’s most popular TV columnist who lives like a fugitive”.[3]

In December 2011, Mir got passing dangers after he facilitated a TV show on Influence of ISI in Pakistani politics.[33] He purportedly left Geo TV on 10 August 2018 and joined GNN News as a president.[34][35]


Mir visited Bajour ancestral zone in January 2006 after a US rocket assault in Damadola town. He asserted that the US rockets slaughtered just honest youngsters and ladies, not Al Qaeda militants.[36]

Musharraf pronounced Hamid Mir a Taliban supporter after the crisis rule of 2007 and restricted him from Geo TV for over four months. In a meeting with Monthly Newsline Karachi (December 2008 issue), Mir clarified his disparities with Musharraf. Mir got dangers from some aggressor bunches when he composed insightful stories on Taliban.[37]

In 2016, Islamabad High Court excused a supplication for including lewdness charge brought against Mir.[38]

Grants and acknowledgment

Granted Hilal-e-Imtiaz on 14 August 2012 for his administrations in Journalism by the PPP government under President Zardari.[4]

On 26 March 2010, The establishment of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation Writers and Literature have designated Mir for the SAARC Lifetime Achievement Award 2010.[39][40]

Hamid Mir got The People’s Choice classification grant for the most loved current issues anchor and news direct in March 2012.[41]

On 13 April 2013, a video surfaced via online media indicating Hamid Mir accepting “Companions of Liberation War Honor” grant by Sheik Hasina. The video made a minor contention in Pakistan.[42][43]

Perspectives on Hamas

Hamir Mir announcing from Baghdad, Iraq, in 2010.

In 2009, Mir looked at the Hamas and the Taliban. As per Mir, “Hamas presumably have more self destruction aircraft than Taliban, yet they are unique in relation to one another”. In an article named “Hamas assembles while Taliban bomb schools”, Mir composed that both Hamas and Taliban were conceived in evacuee camps, and both were at first empowered by the West. Mir guaranteed that a portion of the Hamas chiefs were taught in Pakistani colleges, and that a considerable lot of them were important for the Afghan Jihad against the previous Soviet Union, and near Abdullah Azzam who was likewise a coach of Osama canister Laden in mid 1980s.[44]


Hamid Mir doing a syndicated program outside Islamabad Press Club

Mir has been over and again blamed for being supportive of Taliban. Taliban supporters blame him for being a CIA specialist under CIA Agent Farhan Dhadwal[45][46] The Taliban purportedly planted a bomb under his vehicle which was later defused because of his inclusion of Malala Yousufzai death attempt.[47] He was marked Indian specialist after he welcomed Pervez Hoodbhoy in his program. There was a clamor following day in specific areas of Urdu press that two Indian specialists were perched on Geo TV.[48]

He treated Pakistani Information Minister generally in his show on the US drone attacks.[49]

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