Deployable Fibre Optic Systems in Harsh Environments

Fibre optics is not limited to only supplying high speed internet with reliability and security. It is also heavily in many industries all over the globe including military, medical industry, independent telecommunication ventures, sensing, electronics industry, HDTV, CCTV, for illumination in various industries, and much more. Fibre optics for each industry and application are specially designed and the structure altered to support the application.

With its increasing use in industries, deployable fibre optic systems have also been on the rise. Contrary to fixed fibre optic systems, these deployable configurations can be easily and quickly installed and then withdrawn at will. These deployable systems are usually employed for use in harsh environments and are therefore often linked with their use in the oil and gas industry. The fibre reels are often heavy-duty and hard wearing in order to cope with the extreme conditions they would be working in. The size and configurations vary according to the desired application. Normally the oil and gas company (or any other industry for that matter) would ask the optical fibre manufacturer to create the deployable fibre optic with their specifications for the desired task.

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