Why Is Your Internet Slow? Here Are the Causes

Have you bought the best internet services and yet you are not satisfied with the speed? Every time you want to download something or browse you have to wait for many for long until you feel irritated. If yes, don’t worry. Although there are numerous factors that can compromise the speed of the internet there are also many possible ways of improving the internet. But what can make the internet slow? Here are 4 key causes

Presence of adware, spyware, and virus; these are not only responsible for a slow computer but also a slow internet. They always come in a hidden pack with other computer programs and get installed on an PC with ease. Later, they show as pop-ups while you are browsing causing an effect that makes the internet slow. Thus, to have a better connectivity you must uninstall all these programs.

Use of bandwidth for more than one computer; when you use one bandwidth for more than one PC, the internet speed automatically slows down. This means that your internet speed can be slowed down especially if someone is using your bandwidth without your knowledge. You should continuously check if someone else is using your connection. In fact, you can avoid this by logging into the routers page using your browser.

Hardware problems; hardware problems can also contribute to slow computers. The number one sign that is often experienced is a slow memory. Remember, a computer’s RAM system can be filled up and cause it to run much slower than normal. If you replace the RAM of your computer you may increase the speed of the internet. Apart from these, hardware problems such as hard drive, access time, CPU and bus speed may also contribute to this.

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