Cons Of The Word FREE in Free Anti Spyware Download

True to the old saying that “Everybody wants to have a free dinner,” every one of us get tempted by the word FREE. In fact it is a natural tendency that we are enticed by things that are free. But no one is concerned about the cons of the FREE.

We search for “free music”, “free movies”, “free wallpapers”, “free software”….everything and every word gets associated with “FREE” in our search. There is nothing wrong in doing that but sometimes the word FREE will create problem unknowingly.

This is particularly true with the freeware and shareware programs. Malicious programs like spyware and adware get installed with the free download. These suspicious programs infect the computer’s system when connected with internet. The spyware and adware create nuisances in the form of pop-up ads, system crashes and more over result in the theft of personal information pertaining to credit cards and other sensitive information which could be a huge loss.

To combat this, it is a compulsion that one needs to be fully equipped with adequate spyware and adware protection. For it, you need to have an anti spyware software installed on your PC. It is ironical that even for this much needed high protection; we try “FREE ANTI SPYWARE DOWNLOAD” in the search engines.

One should be very careful about these free anti spyware download programs. Before trying out these free anti spyware and anti adware software’s you should make sure of its legitimacy. When we download the freebies, they install the spyware and other malware into our computer and pretend as of cleaning all the spyware. In reality, they are installing the spyware and recommending us to buy their rogue anti spyware software.

One should conduct a basic research for the recommendations made. If it is not possible make sure that you are downloading the anti spyware software from the reliable source. This rule is applicable not only to the anti spyware download but also to any freeware and shareware download. Make sure of its legitimacy and be free from spyware and

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