How Will Type 2 Diabetes Affect Your Body?

Type 2 diabetes is a condition that calls for taking care of your entire body. Why you might ask… its because type 2 diabetes is defined by abnormally high blood sugar levels and this affects every part of your body. For example, when this sugar attaches itself to proteins in your blood vessels, it makes your vessels inelastic and subject to blockages… this increases the likelihood of heart attacks.

Skin becomes dry and itchy… dry, cracked skin leads to irritations and possible infections. Showering or bathing with lukewarm water, and applying a moisturizer straight afterward, when the skin is still moist will help lock in some of the moisture from your shower.

Your eyes are delicate… they capture images around you and transmit them to your brain. To protect this delicate structure means keeping your blood sugar levels… and your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, in a healthy target range. Glaucoma, cataracts and retinopathy are three conditions more common to diabetics than non-diabetics. All three conditions are treatable, so eye examinations are important. Adults aged 30 or over should be checked by an eye doctor every year, and it is wise to have younger people with diabetes checked 5 years after being diagnosed and then every following year.

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