Dear Webmasters, ‘Post In Your Forums By Yourselves’

Once a webmaster creates an active and vibrant online community forum, he/she can do a lot of things with it. He can make it into a platform for online activism. He can make it into a place, which he makes friends, business contacts or both. He can also generate revenue by itself. However, justmyfitness this doesn’t happen magically, so a lot of webmasters work on what’s often referred to as ‘post exchange.’ As I host several forums, I work on this ‘post exchange’. I believe that it’s a necessary step, but the vast majority of new forums don’t ever reach 10k posts in total. If a new forum doesn’t reach 10k posts in total, it does not go anywhere. But why do many webmasters fail to make 10k posts or more in their forums?

First and foremost, many webmasters refuse to post in their forums by themselves and they also refuse to exchange posts; they basically believe that software design to facilitate to create an active and vibrant online community forum magically takes care of itself. People come in from nowhere, register, post and start having interesting discussions; they create an active and vibrant online community forum magically. This rarely happens; I do not say that this never happens, but this rarely happens. First and foremost, webmasters need to accept that, no matter how pretty their forums look, forums to not start attractive new members magically. There needs to be some help, i.e., human input such as ‘post exchange.’

Constant input is critical. Webmasters need to start new threads. They also need to reply to existing threads. That enables other forum members to participate. Webmasters need to keep doing that. They need to start more new threads. They need to reply to existing threads. They even need to create several accounts for themselves so that they can have discussions while no one else participates; this may feel weird, but this is often necessary.

Lastly, I notice that webmasters who manage to make 10k+ posts in their forums spend a lot of time developing and maintaining their forums. More specifically, they spend number of hours monitoring and posting in their forums almost everyday. For example, I often end up exchanging posts as if I were chatting with another webmaster. This happens because my partner webmaster is online and posting in his forum while I am online and posting in his forum at the same time. Two of us often end up creating several interacting discussion threads in the forum within 1 hour so. Webmasters who do this typically manage to reach 10k posts in their forums in time. Webmasters who do not, on the other hand, typically fail to reach 10k posts in their forums.

Some of you might be thinking ‘What a fake. This isn’t really interactive web. This is simply about faking to make an online community forum active and vibrant’. True to a certain extent. However, as the web becomes more and more about human interaction, webmasters and web developers ought to understand that providing human input by themselves initially is a part of web development. ‘post exchange’ is a very primitive form of that, and I suspect that there will be more activities like ‘post exchange’ so that webmasters and web developers can give life to web applications to facilitate interaction. Now I am diverging here. At any post, post in your forum. There is nothing wrong with it, and it’s just a part of today’s web development.

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