Tips For the First Time Webmaster

Are you a new webmaster? If you are new to web development and you are wanting to get started off on the right foot, I have put together some information below to make sure that you get a good start in your journey to become a success as a professional online designer and creator. Of course all of the web master tips below are simply suggestions. However, don’t take these suggestions for granite you can really save yourself a lot of time and give yourself a more powerful presence justmyfitness online by using these simple to follow rules.

I know I say it too often, but this saying really applies to new webmasters as much as anything else.

“We all have to start in the same place, the beginning!”

The reason that I wanted to say this, is that many new webmasters feel like they are not learning quick enough or that they are not getting the results that they had hoped for soon enough. To that I say, good…great actually. This means that you are so exited about what you are learning that you wish you could just jump forward to the next stage of the learning process and as frustrating as it may seem it is only your enthusiasm or passion for your learning that is getting in the way. The only way to fix this is of course time, patience and practice. So with that being said, lets get started and take a look at the tips for the first time webmaster.

Tips For the First Time Webmaster

De-construct To Construct – Yep, it sounds dumb, I know. The point is this, there is no reason to start off with a blank page if you want to learn how to build a huge and complicated page. Just barrow somebody elses work and see how they did it and then make your own. It is much easier to understand many web concepts when you can see them in practice, so don’t be afraid to look at many different examples of code and templates.
Use Web Standards – If you do not already know what web standards are, do some research and start using them today. This will not only assure cross browser compatibility, but his will also make sure that your web creations will work with future online technologies for years to come.
Videos Multiply Your Learning Experience – Yes, videos can give you the best of both worlds and excellerate your webmaster training in many cases. Don’t discount free webmaster training video as an educational tool. Use sites like YouTube and 5min to your advantage. They are free after all!
Ask For Help – Other more experienced webmasters love to help the new guy. Don’t be afraid to ask people how they did something on their site or visit webmaster forums to get the help you need.
Use Visual Editors – Learning to code from notepad used to be something to brag about, now it is something that is laughed at. I actually learned HTML in notepad and the only thing I have to show for it is hours of wasted time. Grab a free visual editor like NVU and then you can flip back and forth or even view the code and output simultaneously, there is nothing as powerful as being able to view these two separate screens!
Nick Simpson is a mentor and success coach to many, find him on YouTube or visit his site directly for more free internet marketing tips and resources.

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