Why Local Internet Advertising May Be A Lifeline

We all know as a fact that the Internet has become the media of choice by consumers when needing information.

In April of 2009, Google has given businesses a great opportunity to advertise themselves when they brought Local Business Results to the top page in searches. You might have already noticed this trend when you do your own local search seeking for local movie theater screening schedules, a restaurant’s operating hours, or virtually anything you might need within the vicinity.

You will notice that there is an image Your Local News of a local map with red markers and a listing on the right side. The great news is that these listings is free for your local business. But sadly that’s where the good news end. If you are curious enough to click on most of these, you most probably only find an address and phone number for those listed. A select few have websites listed but a majority don’t! And if that business does have a webpage, it is mostly bare and lacking information or worst they have the wrong data listed.

These are some points to consider:

Consider that now over 70% of the US populace choose to rely on the Internet as their go to source of information.

Newspaper publications closing shop is increasing due to the the decline in their revenue in ads.

The published Yellow Pages more often than not are gathering dust in storage.

More than half of all business consumers rely on the search engine initially, before resorting to other options, when they want or need to purchase product or service locally.

The figure is climbing by over 50% a year.

90% of major purchases are done locally or within the vicinity of the persons hometown.

Just a little bit less than half of searches in Google is local in intent.

Nearly 90% of these consumers did a follow up inquiry either through phone or by email.

Over 61% physically went to the location to make the purchase.

Bottom line is local businesses are shifting their advertising budget from traditional media to the World Wide Web which is more effective. If your business needs more visibility, Local Internet Advertising might just save you from your advertising woes.

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