Critical Thinking: Does Humanity Need A Saviour?

During certain points in history, some people have looked for someone to save them from a challenging situation. Along with this, there have been individuals who have had the same domowyogrod need.

Fast forward to the present day and it is clear that not a lot has changed in this regard. There are still groups of people who want someone or something to save them and there are individuals in the same position.

Two Areas

When it comes to the former, the political realm and religion are but two areas where a saviour is often sought. One, along with everyone else who supports a certain party or belong to a certain religion, can believe that someone or a god will make their life better.

Not only this, thanks to what they believe this entity will do, the world as a whole will also improve. Therefore, there is not going to be a lot that they, and their fellow human beings, can do.

One Area

If one is not into politics and doesn’t follow a religion, they can spend a lot of it thinking about how different their life would be if someone came to their rescue. This could be something that they are semiconscious of, meaning that it won’t be something that they are fully aware of.

When it comes to who they imagine will rescue them, it could relate to a perfect man or woman. This person could be strong, capable and confident, and know exactly what do to change their circumstances.

It’s not new

If one is in this position, and just wants another person to make everything better, this can be seen as something that started with them. Ergo, when their time comes to an end, it will also end with them.

On the other hand, when it comes to someone who belongs to a religion, their desire for a saviour will have been passed down to them and will most likely be passed onto the next generation – that is, of course, unless this saviour finally appears and a new chapter unfolds. The reason for this is that this will be a key part of the dogma that they were probably indoctrinated into before they were developed enough to think for themselves, which means that it won’t just be something that they consciously decided to go along with.

Two Extremes

Now, irrespective of whether one is in a position where they look towards a politician, a messiah or another person to make their life better, this person or being will be seen as having the ability to completely transform their life and even the world. They will have one experience now but they will have another experience if they are saved.

One way of looking at this would be to say that it is a perfect example of what is called ‘black and white’ thinking and that this viewpoint is very childlike. Yet, with that aside, why would someone look for someone or something else to save them?

A Deeper Look

If someone is in this position, what it can show is that they feel deeply powerless and don’t believe that they have what it takes to change their life. Through feeling so weak and incapable, like a powerless child, they will project the undeveloped parts of themselves into others.

If they do come across someone who they believe can save them, then, this person will embody the parts of themselves that they haven’t realised. In other words, without realising it, they will be giving their power away.

Taken For a Ride

What one may find, that’s if they were to find their saviour, is that this person doesn’t have their best intentions at heart. This person could be more interested in controlling them than in actually assisting them – or this person or being could tell them that they need to save themselves.

One could end up feeling victimised and see this person as a perpetrator and yet, they will have drawn this person into their life. This will have primarily been an unconscious process but it will still be something that they were involved in.

The Next Stage

Taking all this into account, for individuals and groups of people to no longer look outside of themselves for someone or something to change their life, and to remain in passive and disempowered state until this takes place, they will need to embrace their inherent power. As if they don’t embrace their inherent power, there will have to be people ‘out there’ who will have too much power and will take advantage of them.



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