Top Warhammer Online Zealot Guide

Among the four career options under the Chaos Army is the Zealot. Aptly named, they are truly zealous in their goal to spread and increase devotion of all to their evil lords and masters. They is believed to be a master of symbols, using totems as weapons that can inflict damage on opponents by mere use of Chaos symbols. They mark their enemies. Those who are loyal to the cause of the Chaos army are marked with glyphs called “Marks” and these can be a source of new power to the army. The opponents, on the other hand are also marked. Their mark, on the other hand, is referred to as the Harbinger. This Harbinger can create long-lasting damage even though its effects are not instant. What he drains from the Harbinger, he can transfer to the Marks in order that the latter may become more powerful. electronicseeker A number of gamers have constructed Warhammer Online Zealots guides to help out newbies and other players in trying to both play as and fight against them.

Their strengths and weaknesses are listed. When you choose him as a career option, you have to bear in mind that your main objective is to gather up your team and prepare them for the fight. Make sure that the Marks you have made are customized for their changing necessities. Be careful when you cast your spells because your abilities are intertwined with each other. Play a bit aggressively so that your abilities will be realized to their full potential. When you play conservatively, your powers will be lessened because you only focus on one of your abilities and you hold back on all the others left. When you fight against him, make sure you target the interlinked abilities. Strive to strip off the Marks that has been put on his team and make sure you are protected from being marked as a Harbinger.

They are mortals but they can call the Mark of Tzeentch and they have the power to enhance the powers of the allies that have been branded with Marks. They like marking territories also. With the use of Dark Rituals and Rites, they can mark a certain piece of land and have it identified as one which is claimed already by the god Tzeentch. Those who do not believe in that claim and happens to walk through that land will find themselves crippled.

There are three masteries available to them: the Path of Alchemy, the Path of Ritual, and the Path of Witchcraft. The Path of Alchemy focuses in his healing abilities. The Path of Ritual destroys the balance of power wherever there is a war so that the scales will be tipped in favor of the Chaos Army. They can do this while boosting the powers of their team mates and defeating opponents as well. The last path, the Path of Witchcraft, is where they can transform himself into the so-called Talon of Tzeentch who can murder and vanquish opponents in a flash. Having a Warhammer Online Zealot guide will help with your game.

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