How One Can Calculate Trade Effluent Charges In 5 Simple Steps

Most significant projects normally take several steps to accomplish. Most rewarding tasks take some time, need a number of actions along with consistent effort. To succeed you should ready yourself well, set clear objectives, work effectively and persevere. Whatever your plans here, don’t be expecting any exceptions to those requirements.

But it is not usually that difficult really, you simply break it into simple steps.

Here is how you can calculate trade effluent charges to the Mogden Formula by just taking five basic steps:

Step 1. Obtain the water quality sample analysis report data for your site for Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and suspended solids, and the discharge flow. This will be of vital importance because you will need to know this data for each sampling interval for an existing site discharge or to have data available on this, to make a prediction of costs if your are going to successfully calculate trade effluent charges to the Mogden Formula. Be sure that you do not overlook or by-pass this step, because to have COD and Suspended solids data in mg/l to input into the calculation will be essential to completing this exercise, plus discharge flow (actual or estimated).

Step 2. Go to UK Ofwat’s website, or the website of you local water company to which the discharge will be made and download the current charging coefficients. This is often a critical step, so give it your full attention. Here’s how to do it correctly. Decide whether you are a large or small discharger. All those needing to do this will most likely be categorised as “large dischargers”, so download those files and go through the files to extract the table of trade effluent charges from these files. Make sure they are up to date. They change annually on 1 April. Exactly why you will want to do that is to ensure that you are using the right values to enter into the Mogden Formula for calculation of trade effluent charges.

Step 3. Create your own spreadsheet to carry out the calculation, or download a software application which will help you calculate your trade effluent charges according to the Mogden Formula. The reason for this will be to ensure that you don’t make errors. using a hand-held calculator, or doing the maths longhand on paper is possible, of course but laborious and all but the best of us at maths may make errors. Another reason is to avoid spending too much time doing this.


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