What Are Making and Wastage Charges on Gold? Are They Legal in India?

Gold jewellery looks stunning on anyone, irrespective of age. This is why almost all women will have a bit of gold on them, making it a part of the Indian tradition and custom. Obviously, its final utility is in wearing the gold jewellery and feeling beautiful. But did you know, there are a lot of things involved when you buy gold jewellery, apart from the gold itself, gold jewellery price, design of the jewellery, or how it would eventually look on the wearer?

For instance, when you buy gold jewellery, you have to consider and check the colour, carat, and coating of the gold, because these factors will determine quality of the metal, and what price you pay for it.

There are other important factors as well, like the making and wastage charge. It is important to know these terms and have a good understanding of them. What are these charges, and why are you charged for things like wastage, for example? Let’s find out.

Making Charge

When you are purchasing gold jewellery, you will first have to buy the gold at the current market price, which incidentally can change each day. Then you have to look at the available designs on offer and select one. Once these two things are done, the jeweller will then actually create the jewellery using the design you have selected. Engravings will be done, and other precious stones will be set depending on the design. This calls for making charge.

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