Top Winner’s in Medical Social Networking Sites

Medical social networking sites are attracting people to their sites by having supportive communities that engage people with relevant content, meeting their needs and helping them with their questions. Effective global health communities are measured by the following:


The greater amount of members registered on the Buy Barong TagalogĀ  medical social networking site, the more effective the health communities become.


Content attracts and engages people to health communities, providing valuable input, enabling understanding and support.


Traffic is one of the most important elements in the success of a community. It won’t matter if the medical social networking site is the best functional site, the frequently viewed pages within the community increases the community visibility to the greater mass.


The higher the responsiveness of members within the community, the more effective the community becomes. The time taken for community members to respond to each other’s comments is a measure to determine the effectiveness of communities. If there is too much of a delay in responses, people start to look elsewhere and the community falls.


The higher the level of interaction, the healthier the community becomes. The greater amount of participants discussing topics, the more effective the community becomes. The amount of posts or comments does not indicate interaction, as several posts could have come from one participant.

The above are key indicators for effective global health communities. However, people need to be attracted and motivated to return to medical social networking sites, and contribute in communities that are animated and vibrant. The following medical social networking sites offer great opportunities for healthy and effective health communities:

Medical Social Networking Sites For Doctors…

1. This forum based platform is a great place for doctors to go and meet other doctors, medical students, and residents from around the world, sharing hobbies and interests, look for long lasting connections or establish new professional contacts. Doctors exchange clinical experiences, review cases and share clinical knowledge. However, this site does not provide the usual social networking features such as creating profiles, uploading pictures etc.

2. Allows doctors to research symptoms, get additionally opinions and connect with other doctors. Registered member have written over 10,000 articles and answered more than 30,000 medical questions, within the blogs and forums. The site allows for medical journals and conference events to be listed.

3. Aimed at doctors and medical students, this forum based platform allows for downloading lecture notes, watching videos and more. On the site, medical students are able to connect with doctors from around the world, and share knowledge. Doctors register by using theirGMC registration details and students register by providing details of their medical school and course. This site is the most active network of GMC authenticated doctors in the UK and is a trusted channel for information, communication and education, used by more than 40,000 doctors every day.

Medical Social Networking Sites For Nurses…

4. On this blog-based platform, nurses come together to get answers to questions asked by other nurses, and find out about news, specialties and careers. This site is more of an information discussion by nurses.

5. Connect with other nurses globally and find networking opportunities. The site promotes nursing news, jobs, nurse continuing education and a thriving nurse community.

6. This social community of nurses enables nurses to read reviews, connecting with other nurses, to advance careers, and participate in conversations, sharing stories. The site promotes finding friends and former nurse colleagues, networking to a new nursing job, rate and review top hospitals and schools, get nursing career advice and tips, and catching up on the latest nursing topics.



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