North American Motoring

“The more you prepare, the better off you are going to be, even if you haven’t quite anticipated the thing that happens”, former Mayor of New York City, Rudi Giuliani.

Ever wonder what would happen if one major part of the country is without electricity and the rest of the country has power? Imagine your motoring through an area without power. All you want to do is get to the closest area that still has power. Járórács Will the area with power have the facilities to help you? What if the area with power doesn’t have the infrastructure to help you and you’re motioned to keep on driving. To where, for what?

We know the United States is the target of several nations; China, Russia and Iran come immediately to mind. Each is calculating how they can inflict the most harm with the least cost to themselves. This calculus is exactly why rouge nations are studying the electric power grid system in the United States. The implications of a massive electric power grid failure on the North American motoring public would be devastating.

Of course the impact of a major electric grid failure would affect far more than just transportation but for the sake of emphasis, I’ll focus just on the North American motoring public. Without electricity, those with no gasoline reserves would quickly run out. Gas stations, needing electricity to pump gas from their tanks, would be of no help. As a result, within a day or two the North American motoring public would be stranded everywhere. Cars would be found left on interstates, parking lots, small highways, city streets and country roads. Cars would quickly become an iconic symbol of what will be then useless artifacts. Replacing the North American motoring masses would instead be masses of people walking; still intent on at least trying to get where they hoped to arrive by car.

Jets, buses, trucks and yes even ships would soon draw to a halt due to the lack of electricity. The implications to society are so multi factorial as to be almost incalculable.

Much of this can be mitigated if you either have a plan or are willing to invest in one. It need not be an expensive process to obtain a survival plan… under a $100. Once in hand, read it, then read it again. Begin to practice what it says and insure you slowly obtain additional tools needed to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Obtaining a plan that outlines a base line of key survival skills and then practicing that skill set will actually lower your stress level since you will know what to do in the event of a major power grid failure. Taking some basic steps to insure your safety in the event of major national emergency now can make a big difference later whether you’re at home or out on the open road.

If your stressed out by what’s going on in the world today, join the crowd… me too! Taking modest steps to be emergency ready can actually lowers stress. Why? Because you have a plan. Regardless of the crisis, getting prepared now need not cost a ton or take countless hours of your time. Take the first step now to getting prepared and sign up for my free Survival Tips Newsletter by visiting:

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