Does it need a moral?

It helped, though, to realize just how deeply I want to participate in life. I devoted myself to being an artist. I did this when I was a kid. I was willing to remain in a career that was not much of a career when it comes to making money. That’s not what it’s about, if you are an artist. An artist can learn how to make good money. But if that’s all you are after, become a businessperson. That’s what you will be anyway if that’s all you are after. An artist must learn to become a businessperson. That’s different.

The moral of this story? Does it need a moral? Well, remember, I like to be right. Morals go with that. Morals and scruples and all that jazz.

But, now that I think of it, maybe this story does not need a moral. What’s more important? Getting it right or just putting down the words and hoping something sizzles?

That said, this is an article. I would hope I have some teaching to offer you. This is it: I have spent my life trying to participate in life and yet fighting that urge with my need to be right. What have you spent your life trying to do and yet fighting that urge? We are all, in our way, fictional characters and heroes. That helps put perspective on your life when you realize that you resemble a fictional character much more than you might like to admit.

Beau Smith is a professional multi-media artist who creates human-sized copper frogs. He also paints, writes, makes music, and designs for the web. His site is at He also produces a podcast called The Science of Originality. The podcast is available through his website

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