Has The Arab Spring Been Mislabeled for What Comes Next?

Is the Arab Spring (Arab Perennial) really about demanding democracy? It appears not, and to label it such is somewhat unjust. What it is, is a meltdown of society and massive civil unrest by the local inhabitance. Worse, it looks like there is a lot more to follow what we’ve seen so far. As society degrades into riots, protests, and tit-4-tat sectarian attacks between government military martial type law – one has to ask why things are not functioning well. The reality is, things have not been all that well for all of written recorded history in those regions.

The Arab Spring and perhaps the Arab Fall are too times when the temperature is decent enough to travel, be outside, and function normally as a human being – not to hot and not too cold, but these windows of opportunity – if you want to call them that – are not year round, even if the animosity, revenge seeking, and angst is. In the Economist July 13, 2013 issue there was an article titled “Has the Arab Spring Failed?” which stated “despite the chaos, the blood and the democratic setbacks this is a long process, do not give up hope.”

First, we must understand that pure-democracy is not what those regions need, as that will only turn into a sort of mob-rule mentality and socialism – which as we know from other nations around the world – is not sustainable, probably even less so in the arid Arab regions where there is less agriculture, water, opportunity and a good deal of poverty due to lack of decent economic viability. Even if the people in some of those countries overthrow their heavy-handed governments – then what – do we really believe that more mob-rule and promising politicians will be able to give those rioting and protesting citizens all they want?

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