Long-Range Hurricane Forecasts For Vacationers

Hurricanes have been known to spoil vacation plans often without regard to social status. President Obama had to curtail his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard last August due to the approach of Hurricane Bill. For less prestigious vacationers, hurricanes can complicate travel and frown on their fun by causing airlines to cancel flights thus leaving them stranded or by forcing vacationers to drive home early. In extreme situations, vacationers can face potentially deadly situations or, at the other end of the spectrum, simply have to cope with small annoyances such as missing a day at the beach.

Hurricanes do not appear suddenly without warning. There are usually a few days of notification before one hits. But if you could have a warning months beforehand of places that might experience hurricane or tropical storm conditions, you would probably not pick any of those locations as your vacation spot.

This is the advantage that long-range weather forecasts based on astro-meteorology offer in comparison to conventional forecasts. Regular forecast accuracy diminishes after 3 or 4 days. Although it uses an unconventional approach, astro-meteorology or forecasts based on planetary cycles, is the only forecast method that can go long-range, and has a decent accuracy rate. So, for example, a conventional long-range weather outlook might say that Florida will have above normal precipitation for the months of July, August, and September 2010, while an astro-meteorological forecast would be more specific and say that between August 7-10, 2010 tropical activity is likely for the Florida Peninsula and the Carolinas.

Long-range forecasts of this type are frequently posted on the URL mentioned below indicating hurricane-prone times and places as well as warnings for other types of severe weather. In addition, the results are routinely posted to help determine the accuracy of the forecasts.


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