The Sun Has Risen–March 20th, 2006 at 1:26 PM–Easter has Passed and Most Missed It

Yesterday, March 20th, someone said to me, “Hey, today is the first day of spring.” I said yep, sure is and asked if he knew why today was the chosen day. He did not know but rather thought that someone just picked this date as the official start of the season. “No,” I said. “Actually yesterday at 1:26 PM The Sun was crossified by finally landing smack at the intersection of the Celestial Equator as projected from our earthly equator into space, and the Ecliptic, which is the line in the sky that the sun appears to follow in it’s one year journery through the signs of the Zodiac.” He just looked at me and said, “Oh.”

Yesterday was a very important day in the sky, which is a place very few humans ever take time to look up into at night, much less understand how it works. But in fact, yesterday, The Sun of God was Crucified on the beams of those two lines in space that yesterday gave us the equinox, which means “equal night.”

Yesterday the day and night was just about 12 hours long each. Now the sun heads more north from it’s cold beginning on Christmas to it’s highest point of summer on June 22nd where the day is the longest and the night the shortest. After that, the Sun heads south to Autumn where once again at the Vernal Equinox, we have equal day and night and then on to December and the winter solstice where the Sun dies, spends three days in the grave and is is born, of a virgin/virgo on December 25th. That was a small taste of astro-theology and a story that the vast majority of literalist Christians will never understand because they will never want to undertsand it.

For example, when John the Baptist, who is born six months before Jesus says, “I must decrease, while he must increase,” in astro-theological terms he was saying that from June (six months before December) John was now diminishing as the one who prepared the way for the Sun/Son of God, but now Jesus, the Son or the literal sun, will increase, that is from December 25th to the Summer Solstice, the Sun will grow stronger.

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