Utilizing Plastic Signs for Advertising

Plastic signs are popular types of signs because they have many uses and can be displayed in many locations.

These signs are found inside and outside because plastic materials do well in the weather. They remain strong in rain and wind. Glance around to see plastic signs in yards, on billboards, within stores and along walls. There are signs that can be customized or premade. One type of plastic sign is acrylic that is often used indoors such as hanging on doors and throughout hallways. Just look inside offices, stores, hospitals, schools and the professional signs are often acrylic signs.

The acrylic signs have holes drilled in them on each edge to allow them to be attached to a display surface. This makes them easy to mount for display. They could be hanging ones as well. A plastic sign has UV protection and are made of a strong waterproof material. These plastic signs are designed to be lit up, but it is not a requirement. Messages might be directions, promotions, sales, identification and many other options.

Acrylic plastic signs are considered to have a lifetime guarantee when used inside and outside this material can withstand extreme weather without harming the sign. These signs are commonly made into small and medium sizes. Small signs are usually on the wall and are 1/8 inches thick with medium ones being 3/16 inches as a traditional clear acrylic sign can be up to an inch thick. Signage makers can make any size of acrylic sign as well as a variety of shapes.

These types of plastic signage present a very professional finish with a high glossy look or matted finish. They are often used instead of PVC plastic ones, known to use polyvinyl chloride material. Both have smooth surfaces and are design to reduce glare. An acrylic plastic one does well with any font, photo, logo or graphic as long as they are well designed. The lightweight sign material is clear, but there are options of usually a choice of many other colors as well.

This plastic signs material is not costly even though it looks expensive. Acrylic signs are being made stronger and stronger with each year. This is in part due to improvements in the process of making the material. Acrylic plastics are becoming more durable and even more beautiful.

Another useful and popular signage might be the most commonly known, coroplast. This material is durable and weather proof. It is what is found outside in yards promoting events, announcing celebrations and advertising products or services. It is the plastic sign material that can do well outside for up to two years without being severely harmed by the weather.

Even with extremely hot and cold it does not crack. Coroplast plastic banners last for 20, 30 years or more inside without the elements to deal with on a continual basis. Whether it is an inside or outside sign there is the option of it being printed on one or both sides because it is a sign with the thickness of around ½ an inch. These signs can be made in a variety of sizes and have custom graphics as well as designs.

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