What Is the Best Marketing Strategy?

I have been asked many times, “What is the best marketing strategy?” That is a good question and I bet many of you out there are also asking the same question.

As I have mentioned in my other article The Difference Between Sales and Marketing, “Marketing is when you learn what the end users want”. So in order to know the best marketing strategy soothed to you, you have to go back to the basics – what have you learned from your customers?

Marketing, as well as Sales, should be atierrademisamores a personal thing for a salesman like you. Remember that every purchase people make is based on personal experience and values so that means that you have to know what your customers value.

Here are some things you can remember to make sure that you learn from your customers and be more personal with your marketing strategy:

1. Build Goodwill

It’s hard to build good will especially in the sales and marketing world. The reason for this is that many salesman are more focused on what they can get from the customers instead of what they can give. The problem with that mentality is that we forget the importance of giving the best service and giving the customer a “rock star” treatment. Think of the customer for a change and stop thinking about how much you’re going to earn from him. When your customers feel your genuine care, in time, you will have loyal customers who will buy whatever you sell to them – that is good will.

2. Build Relationship

Good will and relationship go together. When you think of the customers more than you think about yourself then you build a relationship. A one-way relationship is not a relationship at all. When you are in a good relationship you feel comfortable knowing that you can express what you have in mind. Build that relationship with your customer by listening more than talking. Let the customer talk. Ask questions about him; ask what he likes and why he likes a certain product or item. Get important dates like birthdays and anniversaries and send them a greeting card – and I mean the traditional snail mail greeting card. That will show your customer that you are indeed thinking of them and that you went out of your way to greet them.

3. Build Communication

All these three are inter-connected to each other. You can never have a good relationship without building good communication with your customers. Let them know that you are available for them. Pay attention to every detail when they talk. Take notes if possible and then mention it again when possible so they know that you are actually listening. Give them your personal number so they can call you anytime. Tell them that you will do your best to make yourself available for them.

I would commend the manager who handles my bank account. When I call him and tell him that I need his help regarding a bank transaction he never says no. When I tell him that I will be late to go to the bank he will tell me that he will be there until I arrive. The best thing is that he delivers. No wonder he has all those plaques and awards on his desk.

There you go guys! I hope I have been of help to you today.


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