Rentals In Newport Beach

Newport Beach has a great deal to offer local residents. With its idyllic location on the southern California coast, relatively small size, proximity to numerous employments within the town and in nearby communities and more, Newport beach compounding pharmacy the area is a popular choice for those looking for a home, apartment or other type of rental property in the region. There are many rentals in Newport Beach that you can explore when searching for a new home in the area, but you do want to take steps to find one that is best suited for you. Consider a few key points to find the right rental for your needs.


While Newport Beach spans only 53 square miles, the area offers easy access to other nearby cities for shopping, employment opportunities and more. When searching for rentals in Newport Beach, you may considering finding a home, apartment, town home or other similar property that offers easy access to major thoroughfares such as Highway 1, Highway 55 or Highway 73. Those who don’t have the need to regularly commute out of the city, however, may enjoy being removed from the hustle and bustle of these busy thoroughfares. Factors such as proximity to grocery stores, restaurants, schools and more may also be considered.


Life in Newport Beach can be charming and relaxed. The area provides locals with an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities like whale watching, sailing, hiking, cycling, sport fishing and more. To enjoy life in the area more fully, consider rentals in Newport Beach that offer proximity to outdoor recreational opportunities that you will most enjoy. Some of the popular outdoor areas nearby include Newport Bay, Crystal Cove State Park and others.

Your Budget

The average price of rent for a one bedroom apartment in Newport Beach is approximately $1,600 per month in 2012. The price of rentals in Newport Beach will vary by a number of factors. The quality, location and size of the property are key determinants. Other factors will also play a role, such as the length of the lease you are willing to sign, if you have pets and more. Before you start searching for a new place to call home in Newport Beach, consider what your total living budget is. This should include the monthly rental payment, utilities, cable, phone and more. Keep in mind that some apartment complexes may require you to purchase cable through a specific company. Some rental rates on houses, apartments and other types of buildings may include the price of utilities in the rent. Reviewing the total living expenses rather than only considering the monthly rental payment can help you to find a rental that is affordable to you.

There are many different rentals in Newport Beach that you can explore in detail when searching for a new place to call home in southern California. This coastal city offers numerous housing options at various price points. You can take time to explore the options available today, and you may likely fall in love with the perfect new home that is perfect for your needs. Before long, you could be enjoying all that the Newport Beach area has to offer.

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