How to Win at Words With Friends

The world of traditional board games has been changing in recent years and Words with Friends is one of the clear signs of those changes. Many people look for a magic Words with Friends helper, and there are certainly methods that you can use to win by this means. You might also be able to find an online game solver that can help you attain victory, but at the end of the day, winning mostly comes down to figuring out how the game is played and improving your vocabulary.

If Words with Friends looks familiar, that’s because it is based on one of the most popular word games of all time – Scrabble. So here are some tips to help you win (and you can consider them just a little bit of help if that makes you feel better).

Learn the Bingo words. What’s a bingo word? Simply put, the bingo word is one that allows you to play all of your tiles in one turn. You get an enormous bonus for playing all of your tiles in one turn and if you know that key Bingo words, you’ll likely win almost every single time. If you don’t know too many Bingo words, then you might want to consider combining this tip with our next strategy.

Make up fake words! The ultimate quasi-ethical strategy is to make up words. This is completely within the rules of the game, so it’s really not cheating. If your opponent doesn’t believe it’s a word, he can challenge it. If he’s right, you lose a turn. If he’s wrong, he loses his next turn. Fair enough, right?

Use an online Words with Friends or Scrabble solver – All you have to do is find a program online that is designed to take your existing letters and help you find the best possible words for Words with Friends. It could be argued that this isn’t in the spirit of ethical play, but if you’re really stuck it’s a valid option. Just don’t get caught!

Memorize great words – Certain letters offer more points then others, but they tend to be difficult to use on the game board. Memorize as many words that contain these valuable letters (such as Z, X, J, and Q) as you can. When you do, you’re going to find your points climbing very quickly.

Use strategy – If you opponent is applying the same methods as you to winning, then a Words with Friends solver won’t help. That’s when you need to employ some strategy. If you can build words on the board parallel to existing words, you make it more difficult for your opponent to play their letters. Box him in and soon you’ll be grinning from the win.

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