Using Word Lists Creatively to Help Your Write Faster

Word lists are invaluable tools for brainstorming related ideas and also for facilitating searching through Google later on. Another type of word list is a frequency word list which is a word list with the words that appear the most in an article listed by order of frequency in a certain topic. The way to use word lists is to keep some great words, either keywords or good research terms that can be put aside in list format to help keep the important details of a topic in the forefront of your memory. Another way is to use the words in your list to help you research the topic more, and thus add even more to your word list to modify it to suit a more thorough representation of the topic.

If you get a project that you have no idea how to start, a word list can be a great way to get you going. The reason for this is that you can simply find articles already written on the topic online, and then use some online tools to check the word frequency within it. Odds are, the more frequent words are keywords or power words being used by the other marketer to generate traffic or income. So, in a way, you can get other Internet marketers to build your word list for you.

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