How Can I Be Sure My Videos Will Be Watched Online When I Submit Them?

I think that any person submitting a video to an online site wants to think, and better still, know that their video will be clicked on and watched by a raving crowd of fans. OK, I may have exaggerated a little but lets be honest. Every video producer wants their video to be a winner. And for those of you who are not producers, but marketers, well, you want the same, I am sure. After all, it is marketing by video, online. Let me expand on this now for you.

When a video is submitted to an online video site (and there are as many as fifty at the time of writing), they will be indexed and listed in the search engines. However, this is where you need to get smart. You need to think carefully about the subject of your video, and research the most likely words that people will use to find that which you have. Yes, I know it’s a mouth full, but it is important to understand this, as you need to be in the mind of your potential clients. To do this, you may use any number of key word tools, and enter your core or base key word. Then research all the similar words that the tool provides, and think if they apply. It is a good idea to include these words in your video’s description, as well as in the video as audio or text or both.

The reason I say this is that the search engine algorithms are now able to also ‘listen’ to the audio on the video, and work out the words in the video, and convert it to text for their ‘responses’ to people’s searches. I know that was a technical mouth full, but in simple terms, the large search engines are better able to analyse the video content and match it better to the words people type into their search engines. It is all about matching or giving the internet searcher the information they want most, to improve the quality of their surfing experience. I am not trying to make an advertisement here, but explain why the effort is important in the early stages of making a video,to ensure you get the best results out of it. The effort here, pays off, in the longer term.

Hence, to answer the title question, to ensure your videos are clicked on, make them interesting to watch, as this helps people to make them viral, where they recommend their friends to see the video and so on. It is also important to include good key words in the description when you submit the video, as well as provide good descriptions in general. This will help your video be seen by more people, and hence, increase your customer base to your site as well.

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