The “Get More Clients” Jedi Mind Trick:

Every “enrollment conversation” or “discovery session” or “closing the deal” training will tell you to shut the hell up after you state the price of your program. Be quiet, and let the potential client speak first… don’t say a thing!

OK, sounds fine in theory. But if you have conducted more than one of such sessions that is not done with a practice partner and ended up “asking for the sale” at the end, you would have experienced that AWKWARD silence.

Awkward. Notice that YOU are latierrademisamores the one to feel awkward. It’s YOUR discomfort. Yet this discomfort can sabotage your success because the other party can feel the change in the energy and the dynamics – you can break your rapport and connection with your potential client. How you handle this silence can make or break your sale.

So what is behind this silence? And how to keep the silence to let it do what it needs to do without having a weird energy behind it?

What if you can be so comfortable in that silence… it’s like you just said “Give me 10 carrots so I can make you a stew?”

A lot, a whole lot, of it has to do with your money mindset and your relationship with money. What paradigm and meaning are you attaching to money? You see, money is just paper in your wallet or numbers in your bank account – it has done nothing wrong! It’s the story and meaning we put around it that are affecting our way of interacting with it and using it as way to interact with others.

Are you using money as a measure of acceptance and self-worth? Do you feel disempowered in money discussions and you immediately go into conclusion that others know better so you give away your power? Do you have poor boundaries around money issues so any time you go into money conversation you feel being taken advantage of, or unappreciated, so you avoid it at all cost? Do you have a love-hate relationship with money and think money is bad – in fact, it’s just bad in YOUR story? Do you have the story that making money has to be hard so your mind is saying “it can’t be this easy, one phone call and I get paid $2,000?!!” Do you put so much stake on having “that” income that you are projecting an energy of lack and desperation?

Do you have judgment about what your potential client may say, do or if she can afford your program or not (which, by the way, is none of your business – you are disrespecting the other party if you are making such conclusion for her)? What story are you using to draw this conclusion?

To make the money talk in your enrollment conversation totally comfortable, it does not only mean you have to shut up, close your mouth and say nothing after you state your fee. Your MIND also has to quiet down and be still. No mind chatter and do away with any judgment, expectation and conclusion. If your mind can stay still and just focus on being of service to your potential client – to be there to help her make the best decision for her at that particular moment in time – the “money” part of the conversation will have no charge, no weird energy for you. Like you just ask for 10 carrots to make a stew for her. And then you breathe with her, with a soft gaze.

This conversation has nothing to do with you – get over your money stories and paradigms.

All that said, the first step to make that silence supportive to your conversation and your client’s decision is to heal YOUR relationship with money. Do you feel empowered in money conversations? Do you have leaky money boundaries? Are you attaching your self-worth, acceptance, approval and value on whether people pay you for your services?

With a compassionately detached frame of mind, you can turn a “no” into a “yes” much easier. When your potential client responds back with something other than a “yes”, you won’t jump into conclusions based on your judgment of you (e.g. I screw up that part of course she won’t sign up) and shut down the conversation. Instead, it’s much easier to bring out your curiosity and uncover the “real” reason behind her hesitation if you stay open and ask some questions. This often will turn into a great coaching moment, delivering some awesome AHA to your potential client and seal the deal for you.

E.g. if it’s truly a financial concern, can you work with her to set up a payment plan that will let her work with you and not compromise your boundary? If she doesn’t believe she has the time to do the work, can you reassure her that the changes you require her to make will actually save her time? If she doesn’t think her husband will support the decision, can you coach her through her fear so she can feel empowered to make her decision?

Ling Wong, Business Artist and Chief Freedom Fighter at Slideberry ( [] ), provides Business Soulwork + Marketing Activation for coaches and health & wellness practitioners. Slideberry supports coaches and health & wellness professionals with done-for-you materials, marketing tools and business coaching services so that they can be INSPIRED, MOTIVATED and EQUIPPED to “Get Out There Make It Big” without having to reinvent the wheel, get lost in confusion and information overload, or missing opportunities because they don’t know where to begin.


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