Solar Flares Add to Radio Transmission Intensity

Maybe rather than worrying about the next giant solar flare to come take out our communications satellites, fry our cell towers and render us in the dark with a cascading failure of our electrical grid, maybe we ought to take that energy collected and store it. How so you ask, well why not use some of the tricks that alternative energy folks have discussed with using that energy to compress air in giant tanks underground for instance or, pump the water back into a hydro-electric dam from below to use again? Let’s talk.

For a reference I’d like to use the graphs and charts in this research paper; “Solar and Space Weather Radiophysics,” Chapter One; “Solar and Solar Radio Effects on Technologies, by Louis J. Lanzerotti of Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, and the Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark.

Okay so from an observational standpoint, personally, I have noticed that WiFi signals worked better at Sunrise when the Sun’s rays hit the localized atmosphere, in fact, the signal strength was double or rather could be picked up from double the normal distance prior to the sunrise. Could we use the extra energy from every sunrise to collect at least some of the energy we use during the peak hours of the day?

Now then, let’s talk about Sunspots and solar flares and their effects on equipment, communication, satellites, and our electrical grids. The great Toronto Black Out in the mid-1950s occurred during a solar storm, and we all know about the historic Carrington Event of 1859. Overloading the electronics wreaked chaos for power lines and Morse Code transmitters and receivers – well can you imagine the damage that would be done to today’s electronics?

Think about it, we live in an electronic world with ATMs, computers, electrical grids, cars, and batteries are in just about everything – well, all those every things are at risk in the event of a storm. In on paper in that research report above was a very cool statement; “there is no space for cheap satellites,” which is a nice way of saying, if they aren’t equipped with battle hardened electronics they aren’t long for this world during the first high intensity solar storm that comes along.

If they aren’t ready for such an event, and it’s just a matter of time, then they’ll just add to all that space junk already up there. Please consider all this and think on it, we need to turn this potential negative into a net positive by capturing those electrons for human use.


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