When You Have No Story, You Have Nothing to Give

The number one reason why so many flock to the theater–even during a “recession” sales seem to double and triple in the box office is because of story. I know, some of you would love to disagree, I can hear you saying, “it’s about escaping and the action and drama that people live for!” I hear you, but I also would have to disagree. The average movie goer may be a white male between the ages of 13-18 but that doesn’t mean that stories do not live on with us after we have seen, felt and witnessed them.

What I want to know is what is my¬† bazinga story going to be? What is the legacy that I desire to leave behind? Is it one of pain and strife–or is it an inspirational story about learning, growing and stretching toward greater and greater heights! Pain is what it is, and yes it is a part of life but it is not all life. What happens when I see I really good film, I mean a really good film–I recognize something truly vital and worthwhile within myself that I didn’t know was there. For example, last winter I saw the Baz Luhrmann film “Australia” with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman (both from Australia by the way) and I was completely BLOWN AWAY by the power of that story. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you go out and rent it or watch it ‘On Demand’ –it’s truly spectacular.

The film had a pretty basic story line, it was a love story along with a story about a young half-cast aboriginal and white young boy. He is struggling to find his place in the world since he doesn’t know where he belongs. The while folks want to take him to a boarding school where they will try to beat the aboriginal side out of him, and he can’t go with his grandfather and learn the traditions of his ancestors because there is a war that has broken out (WWII). So he’s kinda in limbo land and the film shows how difficult and unsatisfactory that state is to be in and yet many of us live in this exact place, just with different circumstances.

One of the most powerful things the young boy says is that if he doesn’t go on his journey, they call it “walk about” then he won’t be a man and then he will have NO STORY– to him, not having a story is like not living–it is living dead. If he doesn’t learn to become a man he will be doomed to failure, he won’t have any way of thriving and surviving in the world. I found this to b e extremely profound!

All my life–even as a young child–I have been striving to uncover and know…what is my story?

What is it that I want to give to the WORLD?

What are the gifts and talents I desire to share and offer to others that are willing to receive?

And how do I go about doing so right NOW–not tomorrow or next week, but today–because NOW is all that exists!

This my friends is what story telling is all about. So next time you look on-line and try deciding what film to see next–think to yourself “what is my story and how can this film move me closer to discovering my own truth?”

Till next time,

Cynthia Farsadi

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