Ceramic Tools Flat Irons Review – Professional Hair Straighteners

Today, that company is still thriving and provides a vast collection of hair care products and styling tools that are constructed with only the high quality parts and deliver exceptional benefits and results. The professional Babyliss PRO Ceramic Tools flat iron line offers four flat irons that utilize ceramic technology to gently and safely straighten hair while delivering consistently sleek and smooth results.

Ceramic technology means these straightening irons heat up quickly and more importantly, evenly. A more evenly heated plate means less “hot spots”. These overheated areas, damage hair which results in unhealthy, frizzy, dull, looking hair. Ceramic also offers the benefit of instantly smoother, shinier hair. There are four different models within the Babyliss PRO Ceramic Tools flat irons line.

CT2555 has a small 1 inch design for versatile styling options and control. Floating plates eliminate gaps in contact with the hair so the hair is evenly heated and pressed. 25 heat settings with a 450°F maximum.

CT2590 features a removable antistatic comb that further ensures evenly heated hair. An ergonomically friendly curved design sets this iron apart from others in the line. This unique straightening iron heats up to 420°F.

CT3050 is a mini, 6 inch straightening iron perfect for detailed straightening or for getting areas very close to the scalp. It has a 1/2″ ceramic plate and has a 420°F and 430°F maximum. This flat iron is a great option for those who travel a lot, because of its convenient size, it can easily fit in a purse of backpack.

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