Nigerian Dwarf Goats – Adorable Pets

Have you ever considered owning a pet goat? Nigerian Dwarf goats are of western African origin. They are miniature dairy goats standing less than two feet tall. They have calm, even-tempered, sweet, gentle and playful personalities. They are easily trainable and can even walk on a leash. These characteristics make them lovable companions or pets, especially, for small children, the disabled, and the elderly.

They come in many colors including: white, black, red, cream and patterns. Some have white “frosting” on their ears and blue eyes. The nose is straight and the ears upright. Their coat is soft with short to medium hair.

The Nigerian goats share pastures, peacefully, with other livestock such as cattle, horses, llamas and donkeys. They help improve pastures by eating weeds, brambles and ivy that other livestock will not eat.

These goat breeds need ventilation for optimal health. They should not be kept in airtight buildings. Their pens should be clean, draft-free, without pests like flies and rodents. Fresh straw or hay should be used for bedding. Some owners have used an over-sized doghouse, or two, with toys included for their playful nature. They are able to survive in many locations, including cold weather locations, such as Ontario, Canada.

Their hooves should be trimmed, regularly, every four to eight weeks and vaccinations should be checked with a veterinarian. Worming is, also, important for maintaining good health. Good hay, pasture and fresh water, in clean containers, should always be available. With good goat care, their average lifespan can range between fifteen to twenty years!

They can produce a range from one to Nigerian Music eight pounds of milk per day. Their milk has a sweet taste due to a high butterfat content and is excellent for making soap.

Nigerian Dwarf goats can breed all year round. They can have several kids at one time, with triplets and quads being common. They are excellent mothers and take care of their kids, if you allow them.

If you have never considered owning Nigerian Dwarf goats, as pets, you may reconsider. Not only are these miniature goats friendly and easily trained, they are great to enter in goat shows!

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