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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update
June 3, 2020: While the doorways of Services Centre are closed, we are nevertheless open for business. We have constrained staff onsite to assist people with scheduled appointments or to take charge – all other enquires are to be had online or through electronic mail. Our staff continue to procedure and evaluate applications to assist ensure buildings and improvement can continue to perform, generate employment, and meet pressing housing needs. Inspections maintain daily with more advantageous safety precautions.

Questions or applications can be submitted on-line during this time – please contact us at permitquestions@vancouver.Ca , and we will help you get started out for your mission. You can also nevertheless want to put up bodily drawings and plans to your mission.

In order to take down a constructing in Vancouver, you need a demolition allow.

Requirements to reuse and recycle demolition materials depend on the kind of building you’re taking down.

Using the tools and records under, you could find out what the necessities are to your scenario.

If you are still not certain what’s required in your project after the use of the ‘Recycling requirements’ tool, touch us at once.

Our staff allow you to decide what permits you want, and help navigate you thru the technique.

Changes coming to Green Demolition Bylaw in 2019
Starting January 1, 2019, the scope of the Green Demolition Bylaw will make bigger to encompass pre-1950 one- and two-own family homes. Pre-1910 and background-registered one- and two-family houses will require deconstruction.

If you have questions, email compliancereport@vancouver.Ca.

Read the 2018 update and record to Council PDF file (730 KB)

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