Keeping Your Pet at Bay

Wireless pet fences are a relatively new pet training product that provide the safest form of pet containment ever. Having an underground pet fence is a great mix several elements. It allows for some training procedures in relation to your dog. It includes technology as well electronics to a certain extent.

Any pet lovers do however take offence to the underground pet fence. They regard it as a form of punishment to the pet. However, this device has also received a number of accolades as well as approvals from pet societies such as the Humane Society of the US and the ASPCA. You will also find that are number of veterinarians as well veterinary-based publications extol the virtues of the underground pet fence.

The underground pet fence works on a simple premise. It’s installation is both simple as well as does not do anything to change the way your landscape looks. These underground pet fences are now becoming more popular since they are much more cost-effective than other means of restraining pets. Most underground dog fence systems come with three main elements:

o The transmitter
o Underground wiring
o A lightweight receiver in the form of a collar

The transmitter emits a single or double sine wave. These are broadcast around the perimeter of the fence. The second your pet approaches the boundary of the area that he has to remain confined in, the radio wave triggers a sound from the collar. This will make him stay within his boundary. Moving further ahead will result in a small shock. It makes better sense to have a lightening rod set up close to the transmitter. This will prevent undue accidents.


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