Engine Optimization For A Website

Searching for and using really good keywords and keyword phrases is critical to driving traffic to your website and your blog. Here are some tips on finding and using perfect keywords and phrases, particularly when in a very competitive market.

Go local – focus on local keywords. Add the name of your city, county or state to the search term. Be the “go-to” person in your field in your area.
Focus on more specialized areas. Use what are referred to as long-tail key words. For example, don’t just use pest control, use “termite specialist in Myrtle Beach.” Don’t just be a real estate agent, be the “Carolina Forest New Home Specialist.” You get the idea.
Incorporate spelling mistakes. Are there terms in your industry that are commonly misspelled? Myrtle Beach Real Estate Companies A lot of people spell realtor – realator. Take advantage of that. Yellow Pages did a great job of this and created The use of misspelled keywords is becoming less effective as search engines start to adjust for misspellings in search requests but it can still be an effective tool.
You will want to examine the keywords in your Keywords meta tag. Here are a few things to consider:

Limit the tag to 10 to 12 words or phrases. Although you can add a lot of keywords, the search engines will often consider this spamming when you try and stuff too many keywords into this tag.
Separate keywords with a comma and a space.
Make sure that your keywords also appear in the body of the page. A rule of thumb is that 4% or less of your content should be keywords. So the idea is to use keywords and phrases, but don’t overuse them simply to try and increase search rankings.
Don’t repeat keywords in multiple key phrases. For example, personal injury lawyer, personal injury attorney, personal injury advocate, personal injury help. It’s OK to repeat a couple of times, but move on to other keywords.
Don’t use the same keyword tag in all of your pages. Refer to the content of your page and make your keywords relevant to the content.
Here are some other ways to let the search engines know that the information on the page is significant:

Use formatting with keywords. Make the text bold or italic. Use uppercase. Put keywords in bulleted lists.
Make sure that any images you have on the page have an tag that describes the photo and includes your keywords. Remember that search engines can’t read images, they only see text.
Do you sell a product that is well known? Make sure that the product name is included in your keywords. However, make sure that you have permission to use the product name in your advertising. There have been several law suits where a product or company name was used to bring traffic to a website, however the website owner did not have the right to use the name.
Use these tools to create a list of good keywords and then use them in the meta tags of your website and throughout your content. Over time you will start being found by your prospective customers and clients.



How the Brain Gets Addicted to Gambling

When Shirley was in her mid-20s she and many pals road-tripped to Las Vegas on a lark. Which was The 1st time she gambled. Close to a decade later, whilst Doing the job as an attorney to the East Coastline, she would often sojourn in Atlantic Town. By her late 40s, having said that, she was skipping function 4 instances every week to visit newly opened casinos in Connecticut. She performed blackjack Just about exclusively, normally risking Many bucks Each and every spherical—then scrounging beneath her car or truck seat for 35 cents to pay for the toll on just how house. In the end, Shirley guess each individual dime she attained and maxed out many bank cards. “I planned to gamble constantly,” she claims. “I beloved it—I cherished that prime I felt.”In 2001 the regulation intervened. Shirley was convicted of stealing an excessive amount of cash from her clients and invested two several years in jail. Alongside the way in which she started out attending Gamblers Anonymous meetings, seeing a therapist and remaking her life. “I noticed I’d turn into addicted,” she states. “It took me a long time to mention I had been an addict, but I had been, much like another.”10 decades back the concept an individual could become addicted to a practice like gambling the way an individual receives hooked with a drug was controversial. Back again then, Shirley’s counselors under no circumstances explained to her she was an addict; she made a decision that for herself. Now scientists agree that sometimes gambling is a true dependancy.

In past times, the psychiatric Local community generally regarded pathological gambling as a lot more of a compulsion than an dependancy—a behavior principally determined by the necessity to ease anxiousness rather than a craving for intense enjoyment. While in the nineteen eighties, though updating the Diagnostic and Statistical Guide of Psychological Problems (DSM), the American Psychiatric Affiliation (APA) formally categorized pathological gambling being an impulse-Manage problem—a fuzzy label for a group of somewhat associated sicknesses that, at the time, incorporated kleptomania, pyromania and trichotillomania (hairpulling). In what has come to be considered to be a landmark decision, the association moved pathological gambling into the addictions chapter within the guide’s most up-to-date version, the DSM-five, printed this past May well. The decision, which followed 15 a long time of deliberation, demonstrates a brand new understanding of the biology fundamental dependancy and it has currently improved just how psychiatrists assist people that can’t stop gambling.Simpler cure is progressively required since gambling is a lot more suitable and accessible than ever before prior to. Four in 5 Us residents say they’ve gambled at least the moment in their lives. Apart from Hawaii and Utah, every point out while in the place offers some form of legalized gambling. And currently you do not even require to leave your house to gamble—all you need is undoubtedly an Internet connection or even a phone. Several surveys have identified that all-around two million people inside the U.S. are addicted to gambling, and for as a lot of as twenty million citizens the behavior critically interferes with perform and social life.

The APA dependent its decision on numerous the latest experiments in psychology, neuroscience and genetics demonstrating that gambling and drug addiction are a great deal more comparable than Beforehand recognized. Research in the past 20 years has dramatically improved neuroscientists’ Doing the job design of how the Mind alterations being an dependancy develops. In the midst of our cranium, a series of circuits often called the reward method backlinks various scattered Mind locations involved in memory, movement, satisfaction and enthusiasm. Once we interact in an activity that keeps us alive or helps us move on our genes, neurons in the reward process squirt out a chemical messenger named dopamine, offering us a bit wave of gratification and encouraging us to help make a routine of making the most of hearty foods and romps during the sack. When stimulated by amphetamine, cocaine or other addictive medication, the reward process disperses as many as 10 situations much more dopamine than standard.

Continual usage of this sort of medications robs them in their electricity to induce euphoria. Addictive substances keep the brain so awash in dopamine that it ultimately แทงบอล adapts by developing fewer in the molecule and getting to be a lot less responsive to its outcomes. Like a consequence, addicts build up a tolerance to some drug, needing larger and larger quantities to acquire substantial. In significant dependancy, people also undergo withdrawal—they feel bodily ill, simply cannot sleep and shake uncontrollably—if their Mind is deprived of the dopamine-stimulating compound for too very long. At the same time, neural pathways connecting the reward circuit to the prefrontal cortex weaken. Resting just previously mentioned and powering the eyes, the prefrontal cortex aids individuals tame impulses. To put it differently, the more an addict uses a drug, the harder it results in being to stop.

Investigate to this point displays that pathological gamblers and drug addicts share most of the exact genetic predispositions for impulsivity and reward trying to find. Equally as substance addicts demand ever more solid hits to have substantial, compulsive gamblers go after at any time riskier ventures. Similarly, both drug addicts and issue gamblers endure signs of withdrawal when divided from your chemical or thrill they drive. And a few studies counsel that lots of people are In particular vulnerable to equally drug habit and compulsive gambling due to the fact their reward circuitry is inherently underactive—which can partially clarify why they look for large thrills to begin with.A lot more powerful, neuroscientists have realized that medication and gambling alter most of the similar brain circuits in similar means. These insights originate from scientific tests of blood move and electrical exercise in persons’s brains because they full numerous responsibilities on computer systems that possibly mimic On line casino video games or examination their impulse Handle. In some experiments, virtual playing cards chosen from distinctive decks get paid or reduce a player revenue; other duties challenge another person to reply speedily to specific visuals that flash on a screen but not to respond to others.


Oral B Toothbrushes – 8000 VS 8850

The Oral-B 8000 and the Oral-B 8850 are electric toothbrushes that are rechargeable. These power toothbrushes are results of the most advanced oral care system. These electric toothbrushes were designed with inspiration from dentists and other dental professionals. The designs of these Oral-B toothbrushes went through a tremendous amount of research and development, giving them the capability for ultimate cleaning. They will provide whitening and polishing along with a healthy and clean smile.

The power of these Oral-B toothbrushes in fighting off plaque is so great that they can remove plaque by as much as 97%, this is compared with what a regular manual toothbrush can do. They are both clinically proven to provide the best results regarding oral hygiene. This amazing capability is based on the thousands of pulsations and vibrations per minute that they send out while you brush. The pulsations, oscillations, and vibrations all contribute to loosening plaque from the teeth. Aside from the ultimate clean, they also aid in the prevention of gingivitis to their users.

These Oral-B toothbrushes both have a professional timer set to two minutes with interval periods of 30 seconds. This timer makes to easier for you to track the amount of time you spent on brushing, because two minutes is said to be the recommended time for brushing.

With the high number of pulsations, you may become too scared to use these Oral-B toothbrushes, but not to worry. The Oral-B 8000 and 8850 are very safe to use, because both have pressure sensors that automatically stops all pulsations and vibrations when you are brushing too hard. This also helps you minimize pressure force on your teeth when brushing.


Boat Trolling Motors – Where Are You Going to Put It?

A boat trolling motor is usually an electrically powered motor which is designed to propel your craft at around five miles per hour, they are not going to pull a water skier!

Trolling is simply moving your fishing boat slowly across a fishing ground, trailing the lure through a shoal of fish, the trolling motor allows you to do this quietly and without too much disturbance.

Boat trolling motors come in basically three flavors, bow mounted, transom mounted, that’s the back for non-boaters, and engine mounted models.

Bow mounted motors are preferred by many anglers as it keeps the motor away from any fishing lines trailing behind the boat. It is also easier to control a boat from the front as it will turn with less resistance than a rear mounted motor.

Transom mounts are generally less complicated set ups and for some people this is a main consideration these motors are usually easier to mount and dismount so if you need to take your motor home with you for security reasons a transom mounted trolling motor may be your choice.

A very neat and tidy trolling motor is the engine mounted model. This type of motor actually fits on to the shaft of your outboard or on the cavitation plate.

The engine mounted trolling motor allows you to turn your motor boat into a fishing boat without the need for swapping the engines over, steering and control is incorporated into the main engine linkage and so there is an aesthetic advantage too.



Adorn Your Home Exteriors With Garden Bridges

Garden Bridges are one such feature that lends not only creativity to your garden, but also shows your sense of appreciation towards architectural skills that go into building one. Contrary to the popular belief, garden bridges are ideal for any garden size and can be custom-made to suit virtually any kind of requirements specified by the owner of the home. You can make the unique features of your garden more exquisite and attractive. For instance, small ponds in the garden can have pond bridges to make it easily accessible as well as lucrative.

Cedar or Redwood water garden bridges give a unique look and style to the most visible feature in your home exterior décor. Just add some pebbles to the water feature and watch the clear waters shimmying over the pebbles from the water garden bridge for a fantastic view.

For best results, consider custom-made garden bridges for effective garden treatment. It’s common for people to add their own creativity in the gardens. Therefore, at times, readymade garden bridges may not be available for the specific measurements. In such a scenario, just call a garden bridge expert to take the measurements and build bridge according to your requirements.


Simple Tips for Cyber Monday Shoppers and Retailers

Cyber Monday is just around the corner. If you’re one of the many anticipating all the good deals you will find online, you should go to the battle prepared.

Yes, participating in the Cyber Monday mad rush is pretty much like going to a battle. You’ll be battling it out with the thousands (or millions!) of people spending the whole of Monday in front of the computer grabbing all the awesome discounted deals on some popular consumer items. cyber security It’s the best day to buy that LED TV you have long had your eyes on; or that laptop that you simply adore. Although it’s going to be more comfortable than getting crushed inside the shops on Black Friday, there are also downsides to shopping on Cyber Monday – but only if you are not well-prepared.

If you run an online shop, Cyber Monday is one of the best profit-making opportunities of the year. But it will take more than good products and a website to attract online shoppers. There are a number of important things that online retailers like you should prepare for before Cyber Monday comes.

What follows are two sets of tips: one for Cyber Monday shoppers, and a second one for online retailers.

Tips for Cyber Monday Shoppers:

1. The first thing that you need to do is update the security software of your computer. With the many websites you will be visiting, you’ll never know what your computer can get. It is better to be safe than sorry.

2. Find Cyber Monday deals only in the websites of the stores that sell the products you want. Do not just click on links found in social media sites as many of these are fronts for scams. Also avoid clicking on links found in emails coming from unfamiliar or unknown senders.

3. Look for the best deals. Do not purchase the first item that you find just because you like it. Search for more alternatives; not necessarily cheaper ones, but those that offer more – like free shipping and extra free merchandise.

4. Another tip for not getting scammed is to use more than one credit card, especially if you intend to do multiple purchases. This will also help make it easier for you to track your expenses.

5. If you want to save some and still get the best deals, look for Cyber Monday coupon codes. Some coupons have add-on offers that can help make your Cyber Monday shopping experience more rewarding.

Tips for Cyber Monday Retailers:

1. Use social media to promote your site. Coming up with an ad on Facebook (or an events page), for example, will help inform the buying public about what your site has to offer. Blogging about your Cyber Monday deals will also help a lot.

2. In marketing and advertising your site, be sure to come up with a strong call of action. Use phrases or sentences like “grab the latest (name of product) for the lowest price!” or “”get the best deal for your money now!”. Include all the details you want your target buyers to know, like discounted prices and additional merchandise or promo offers. You can also provide them with a link of the products you will be selling.

3. Start your marketing and advertising campaign early. You still have the whole of Thanksgiving week to draw in the buyers, so start working now!

4. Finally, do not forget to highlight all the things that Cyber Monday shoppers look for: online security, quality (in products and deals), and exceptional service.

We hope that these tips will help make your Cyber Monday a fruitful experience! Happy shopping!


4 Ways to Practice Spanish at Home

The best way to learn Spanish is to travel to a Spanish speaking country. However, it’s not that easy and some people just can’t leave their country. If you are one of these people – don’t worry, you can still greatly improve your Spanish. Just try these 4 ways to practice Spanish at home.

1. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a site which connects travelers. You can host someone at your home or request a couch in someone else’s home. If you want to improve your Spanish but can’t travel, just invite someone who speaks it! Fill your profile and write that you want to learn Spanish. Spanish Magazine Then you need to wait for requests. You will have more requests if you live in a major city. Don’t be scared – you are the host, you can reject someone’s request if you don’t want to host this person!

2. Social networking meetings

Another great way of using Couchsurfing and other social networking sites is attending meetings or setting up new ones. Maybe there’s a group of people nearby you who want to learn Spanish? Maybe there are some Spanish speaking people in your area? Find that out! You can try with Couchsurfing, Meetup, Facebook or Craiglist. There are a lot of sites.

3. Language exchange

Try at your local college – maybe there’s someone who is an international exchange student and wants to learn your language? Maybe there’s a Spanish speaking student who is interested in a language exchange or wants to teach you for some money? You can also try sites like Livemocha or Polyglot Learn Language. These sites are for people who want to find a pen pal. Don’t be afraid that some people won’t understand you! You are learning and making mistakes is a part of the process.

4. Total immersion at home

Watch Spanish TV, movies, listen to Spanish radio, read Spanish magazines or newspapers, websites, blogs, listen to Spanish music, think in Spanish, buy complete Spanish course… and the list goes on and on. Try to learn for at least 30 minutes a day, every day! 30 minutes a day means 3.5 hours a week and 15 hours a month. If you really concentrate on improving your Spanish, it will bring great effects!

Learning at home can also be fun and produce great results. Just try these methods! It will take some effort to improve your Spanish but if you practice regularly, you will speak better in no time.

If you really want to learn Spanish click this link: Learn a New Language [] to download my FREE e-book, “Learn a New Language: 55 tips to help you learn a new language quickly and easily”, and get additional step-by-step lessons on how to learn a new language within the shortest time possible. Get to know the techniques that are used by polyglots all over the world to learn to speak a new language fluently even in a few months.


Phil and Sue Fight Global Warming

Phil and Sue are two young soccer players who live in Arizona. They live in Maricopa County. One day Phil went outside in November. In November it gets cool in Arizona. But today it was still very hot. He wanted to play outside with Sue. Sue lived next door. They were best friends. They played on the same soccer team. They had always lived next door to each other. They did everything together. They told each other secrets. They fought together when a bad kid moving into the neighborhood. Joe was his name,. He tried to beat up Sue. Together Phil and Sue beat up the bully and after this Joe left them alone.

Phil and Sue loved school. озон интернет магазин  They were in the same room. But they did not sit next to each other., They talked too much and got into trouble. So the teacher had to move them to the opposite corners of the room.

But they still managed to get into trouble at recess together.

That day it was a very hot at recess time. The teacher said they could not go out to recess. There was a heat advisory. Phil was upset about not getting to play outside. “What is a heat advisory”? Sue came over. “Let’s use the internet while we are inside for recess”. They went to Mrs. Blake and asked her if they could go online.

Mrs. Blake – Yes, go ahead. What are you looking for?

Phil – We want to find out what a “heat advisory” is.
As soon as the search engine posted the answers a page on Global Warming popped up.
Sue – What is global warming?
Phil – I heard my Dad talking about it. We’re all going to burn up. The ice will melt in Antarctica and the Arctic. The waters will cover all of the United States.
Sue – We’ll have to grow fins and swim in the sea. Maybe your folks will buy that houseboat they talked about.
Phil – Joe would fit right in. He looks like a fish already.
Sue – Shhh. Here comes Mrs. Blake. She’ll get us for talking too loud.
Mrs. Blake – What is going on? I can hear you all the way across the room. I should never have let the two of you get together.
Sue – I’m sorry Mrs. Blake. But it won’t matter anyway. Soon we’ll all be living in the sea and swimming all over when the earth heats up. Global warming is going to flood the whole USA.
Mrs. Blake – What are you talking about?
Phil – It’s called global warming. We’ll never be able to go out to recess again.
Mrs. Blake – I think since you guys know so much about this, I’m assigning you to prepare a Special Report on global warming. You can present it to the class in two weeks (SHE WALKS AWAY).
Sue – You and your big mouth.
Phil – You started it.
Sue – No, you started it.
Mrs. Blake (over her shoulder) I don’t care who started it. You can’t stay away from each other. Well now you’re going to finish it together.
Phil and Sue looked each other and threw up their hands.
Phil and Sue – Let’s do it!
Phil and Sue started doing the research. After a couple of days they talked to Mrs. Blake.
Sue – This is really scary. We are destroying our Earth. We are really doing a job on ourselves. We are making the world hotter.
Phil – We are cutting down all the forests. We are polluting the air and the water.
Sue – We need to do something.
Mrs. Blake – What do you mean?
Sue -We are making the earth hotter and hotter. We are cutting down the trees. Trees are where we get our oxygen. We are building more and more houses here in Maricopa county. We are covering the soil over with concrete.
Phil -We are polluting our air and people are getting sick. Some houses make people sick. There are even people who have to live outside. They can’t even go inside the church.
Sue – Some people say that when we go to soccer practice in our SUV, we are adding to global warming.
Phil – Yeah, they say that soccer moms are one of the major causes of global warming. How can that be? It is only 8 blocks to soccer practice from our house. Driving eight blocks cannot add to global warming.
Sue – The problem is there are so many kids playing soccer in the USA. Did you know that there are over 17,000,000 kids playing soccer in the USA. That means every day or week there are more than 17,000,000 trips to soccer practice. And some teams practice two or three times per week. And then there are the games.
Phil – I am not going to give up soccer. I love it. Someday I will play in the World Cup.
Sue – I am a better player than you. I scored two goals last week.
Phil – Girls can’t be in the World Cup.
Sue – The American womens team won the World Cup in 1998. They men’s team was way down. Girls are better soccer players than guys,
Phil – Well. it’s soccer moms that drive kids to soccer. That means soccer moms are causing global warming.
Mrs. Blake – Sounds serious. But I think you need more research. Make a thorough report. Then we’ll see what we can do.
Sue – We want to first do more research. We want to make sure what we are telling the class is right. They we want to do more. We want to make the report. Then I thought we could make up a website and put what we learn on the Internet.
Mrs. Blake – Wait until you get all the facts. Then we will decide what to do. The website will be something we can all contribute to.
Phil and Sue Go To Work
Two weeks of hard work followed. They went to the library, even the Department of Environmental quality and the Environmental Protection agency downtown in Phoenix. They surfed the Internet. They even found some lesson plans for teachers .
Sue- Let’s write a lesson plan. And we’ll make our presentation in the form of a lesson.
Phil – That’s a fantastic idea. We’ll teach a lesson just like Mrs. Blake would.
Sue- Shouldn’t we tell her what we are going to do? She thinks we are going to just get up and talk.
Phil – She said to report what we found. She didn’t say how to report it. We’ll make handouts and charts just like she does.
Sue – Right, and we’ll make a test and hand out fill-ins just like a class.
Phil – This is going to be great.
The two worked for hours. They planned the lesson. What they would say . They rehearsed giving the lesson. The prepared the handouts. They prepared and took the quiz they developed themselves They prepared a poster like one of the one they had in their class he calls.
Mrs. Blake – Today two of our students are going to make a presentation of our class report called “global warming” to the class.
Sue unrolled the poster and hung it over the chalkboard.
Phil – Today we are going to teach a class on Global warming. Sue will pass out your study packet. Make sure you follow them as we present our lesson.
Mrs. Blake – Your lesson?
Sue – Yes, Maam.
Phil – Class, today we are going to learn about a very important subject. It’s called global warming. Take a look at your study packet. The first sheet has a few definitions.
Let’s look at them
1. global warming
2. greenhouse gases
3. carbon emissions
4. carbon sink
5. carbon storage
6. carbon sequestration
7. climate change
8. greenhouse effect
9. carbon dioxide
10. oxygen
11. air pollution
12. Photosynthesis
13. SUV
14. Soccer Mom
15. Tree planting
16. cloud cover
Let’s take a look at them. Take them home and read them later.
Phil – take a look at study sheet One – The carbon cycle -notice how it works
Carbon dioxide is given off by animals. Plants especially trees take in the carbon dioxide gas and separate it through photosynthesis. The sunlight comes in and changes it into carbon, water and oxygen. Carbon forms the food that we eat.
Sue- Notice the cloud layer above the earth. When the sun rays come to the earth they keep going through the air. Then when they hit the earth they bounce back. When the sky at night is clear and there are no clouds, the rays bounce back, that is why it can be very hot in the desert during the day and very cool at night. That is why it is usually warmer when there is cloud cover. The clouds keep the sun rays from burning off and it warms the Earth.
Phil – the more gases like carbon dioxide we put into the air the thicker the gases get, the more they hold in the sun’s rays. That means when there is more pollution from carbon dioxide and other air polluting gases in the air -the atmosphere holds more heat in. That the same way a greenhouse work. The rays come and can’t get back out.
Julio – (holds up his hand) Why can’t they bounce back out the way they came in? They came in through the gases?
Sue – They hit the earth. The rays have a lot of energy when they hit the earth. Some of the energy stays in the earth. When the rays bounce back they are not as strong.
Phil – And remember we studied about gravity. The rays come to the earth through gravity as it pulls them down. But when they try to bounce back they are going against gravity. So they have to work harder and they have already lost part of their energy,
Sue – So the more gases there are in the air, the more heat is kept on our earth.
Paul – Where do these gases come from and why is this happening now?
Sue – Lots of things have happened in the last two hundred years. More and more people. There are now 6 billion people. More and more cars. Gas prices are lower so people are driving more. more and more air pollution from factories.
Phil – And the worst things is we are cutting down all the forests that took carbon from the air and that cleaned the air before. And soccer moms are taking 17,000,000 children to soccer practice in SUVs every week. Do any of you play soccer? Raise your hands.
Almost every child in the room raises their hands.
Sue – You just want to blame it on soccer and soccer moms.
Phil – Together all these things mean fewer trees, more gases in the environment, more carbon emissions, and it will all lead to the greenhouse effect and finally global warming and then the melting of the ice in Antarctica and the Polar ice. It’s all happening. The earth is one you know.
Sue – The trees are the lungs of the Earth. Trees clean up the carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen and carbohydrates for food. But we are putting so much carbon dioxide and other gases into the air at the same time we are cutting so many trees.
Phil – And we are paving over farmland. We are destroying areas where carbon is stored by plant and the soil. At the same time more and more factories are giving off more and more gases. Its called a vicious cycle.
Jane – So what’s going to happen to us? And to the earth? If it gets any hotter we can’t live in Arizona. Last year it got up to 115 degrees.
Sue – Take a look at the idea sheet we have. From what we have told you, we want you to answer these questions. Feel free to give your own opinions as well.

1. What is global warming?
2. How hot is the earth getting?
3. Will the ice melts and what do you think will happen?
4. Does this have anything to do with he ozone layer?
5, What will happen if the ice melts?
6. What will global warming mean to the weather?
7. What are the things we each of us is doing that cause global warming?
8. What could we do to stop global warming?
9. We all play soccer. What can we do to offset the global warming caused by all those trips to soccer practice?


Sue – Does anyone have any questions?
Pete – Yeah my dad say the global warming stuff is all nonsense. Its all some folks who want to stop progress. You’re just a bunch of ecofreaks.
Sue – Let me show you a chart. See how much gas is in the atmosphere since 1700. It’s almost double and gases can be dangerous. One kind of carbon gases called carbon monoxide doesn’t bother you in the open air and in small quantities. But if you are in a close place with lot of it can kill you.
Pete – That’s not the same thing.
Phil – No one know what will happen if we have more gases in the air. The question is what if it does affect us? We can’t wait until it happens to say “we could have done something earlier – why didn’t we listen”.
Andrea – But what can we do? We’re just kids. And maybe it really isn’t going to affect us.
Sue -My dad sells insurance. The people who buy it don’t know for sure they will need it. They don’t want to get sick or die. But they buy insurance to protect their families just in case. That way if something bad happens, they’ll be protected. So just in case global warming does hurt our earth, we need to protect ourselves ahead of time. It’s like flood insurance.
Phil -And just because we’re “just kids” doesn’t mean we can’t do something., Kids have lots of power to do things. We could form a club., We can talk to other kids. We can talk to our parents. I can always get my Mom to do anything I really want.
Sandra – We are all in soccer. Is there something we can do?
Sam – But still. We are not cutting down the rain forests here in Arizona. We don’t even have any rain forests. And most of the factories are about est. How can we do anything here in Arizona that would stop global warming.
Phil – The first thing we have to do is see that we are living in one world The air circulates over the whole planet. When the weather changes off South America it makes it our weather reacts here in the United States. The hurricanes that come to the Caribbean all come off the coast of Africa. We are all living on the same planet. What we do to the air in Arizona affects the air in Japan or in Brazil. And the weather comes from the air.




Why Buy Washington County Oregon Real Estate?

What’s so great about Washington County Oregon? Well, for one thing it is in the fertile Willamette Valley. One reason this valley is so fertile is because of the Missoula floods during the last glacier stage. At that time there was a glacier coming down into Montana, and there was an ice dam with a large lake behind it. When the ice dam broke, a huge flood came from Montana through Washington and Oregon creating the gorge in Oregon and taking all of the soil that it picked up there and depositing it in the Willamette Valley. Here in the Willamette Valley, we have a very thick deposit of soil on top of the bedrock. Great for farming!

Also in the distance, seen from many places in Washington County Oregon, is Mount Hood. Mount Hood is still an active volcano, although it has not had any eruptions in many many years. In the greater Portland area there are many cinder cones which are remnants of this volcano, and create many scenic points around the city.

Washington County itself does not have any large cities, with Portland being the nearest large city, and that is in another county. But it is within easy driving distance from anywhere in Washington County. The county itself is mostly made up of small communities with some midsize cities thrown in.

One of the small towns is Gaston Oregon. It is an old established town, which has never grown beyond the bounds of a small town. It is a small farming community, and the type of community where everyone knows your name. The type of town where, during the summer festival get together, everyone is your friend and neighbor.



Phoenix Golf Vacations- When’s the Best Time to Go?

Every year the greater Phoenix area draws over one million visitors searching for a one-of-a-kind desert golf experience. In addition to the great golf, visitors flock to this paradise year-round for its world-class restaurants, high-end shopping and reliable sunshine.

While these are all great reasons to plan Phoenix golf vacations, some visitors are often left disappointed with the weather because it fails to live up to their high expectations. We want to make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen to you. Therefore, we’ve put together a guide of the best times to plan your Phoenix golf vacations, so that you don’t let the weather mess with your trip.

Best Seasons to Visit

For the best weather Phoenix has to offer, plan your Phoenix golf vacations for the fall or spring, when the average high temperatures range from 75 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit, and average lows rarely dip below 50. September, October, April, and May generally offer the most moderate temperatures and are considered by many to be the best months for Phoenix golf vacations.

Spring training, which runs every day in March, can make a great addition to a golf vacation to the Phoenix area. While the rooms during March tend to fill up fast, there are still deals to be had if you plan far enough ahead. Tickets for spring training games are generally available at affordable prices. And combining a morning round with an afternoon ball game can be a great way to maximize your fun on Phoenix golf vacations.

Best Seasons to Avoid

If warm weather is what you’re after, be cautious about planning your Phoenix golf vacations for the winter time. While winter temperatures in Phoenix are mild compared to those in the rest of the country during this season, visitors are often surprised to find that Phoenix during the winter is not much warmer than the place they’re escaping. Average winter lows usually hover in the low 40’s, while average highs tend to peak about 70. December and January are typically the coldest months.

It is also wise to be cautious about planning your Phoenix golf vacations during the summer. Summer highs consistently top 100 degrees, which can take away the option of afternoon golf, unless you enjoy playing in the extreme heat.