Research and innovation in sport

Sport has tremendous financial effect thru, for instance, innovative sports activities merchandise, activities and facilities. The government promotes innovation and sports activities research as a way to helping elite athletes get higher consequences and promoting participation in sports. But assisting the sports activities area also has financial and public health blessings.

Sport and the Dutch financial system
Every yr, corporations invest tens of millions of euros in amateur and elite recreation, often as sponsors. But the number of companies working in the sports sector is likewise developing. The Netherlands already has several world marketplace leaders, inclusive of suppliers of sports system, synthetic turf and stadium creation. Dutch sport companies have a total export cost of round €1.1 billion.

Business opportunities at most important carrying occasions
More and more groups are the usage of sporting events to promote their merchandise, which includes artificial turf, lighting or safety structures. Platforms like Holland Sports and Industry bring collectively the sporting world, companies, research institutions and the government in a bid to suit foreign demand with Dutch products.

Collecting statistics for sports coverage
In order to formulate an effective sports coverage, the government needs facts (key indicators) for instance on:

the amount of every day physical activity or recreation the common Dutch man or woman engages in,
the quantity of swimming swimming pools, sports centres and playing fields in the Netherlands,
the Netherlands’ role in Olympic and international championship medal rankings.
The government promotes the collection and sharing of this form of records, in view that it’s far beneficial to municipal and principal authorities, the sports area and other involved events. Comparing records accrued over some of years regularly yields new insights.

Innovation in game
Technological trends can help Dutch elite athletes get better outcomes, and additionally make game and physical interest easier and more exciting for humans in trendy. Typical incentives could encompass innovative materials, new approaches of gambling a sport, tailored sports facilities, or a smartphone app that statistics the quantity of pastime someone does every day.

InnosportNL, with its InnoSportLabs, is a joint undertaking of universities, the business network and the sports world.

Sports studies
Central government encourages studies and innovation in game. Its priorities are:

boosting overall performance (particularly at elite stage) and selling innovation;
growing participation in recreation and the significance of recreation in the community;
selling energy and fitness via sport and physical pastime.
These factors are set out in the government’s Sports Research Programme, which will be increased in 2015 to encompass sports era. A team composed of representatives from government, the business community, game and research will determine how and what to prioritise.

Sharing understanding about recreation
Central authorities encourages firms to collect and share understanding, so that the human beings worried in recreation professionally have reliable statistics and might preserve up with the present day scientific insights. From 2016, there might be a unmarried relevant authorities portal supplying complete statistics about sport and bodily activity.

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